The Sims 4 horse glitch is giving us nightmares

The Sims 4 horse glitch is giving us nightmares
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Tom Chapman


26th Jul 2023 10:52

We're riding into town on a horse with no name in Maxis The Sims, as the much-hyped Horse Ranch Expansion is finally here. Saying "giddy up," the latest addition to the fan-favourite life simulator puts those loyal steeds in-game for the first time since The Sims 3: Pets.

Since its arrival in 2014, The Sims 4 has kept us busy with a deluge of Game Packs and Expansion Packs. These range from simple furniture packs that spruce up your abode to full-blown DLCs. Whether it's treading the boards in Get Famous or experiencing puberty in High School Years, we'd seen it all... apart from horses.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch has a glitch

The arrival of Horse Ranch on July 20 was something of a big deal, offering more than just hooved friends to feed sugar lumps to. Alongside adopting adorable mini sheep and mini goats, you can visit the equestrian training park, throw your hoedown, or simply hang some gingham curtains for a whiff of that country air.

While Horse Ranch is one of the more ambitious expansions to The Sims, it hasn't come without its flaws. A growing number of players are reporting a glitch in Horse Ranch, with The Sims 4 being transformed into some sort of Guillermo del Toro nightmare. 

In one clip, The Sims YouTuber onlyabidoang shows off a bizarre glitch where a newborn foal fuses with its rider if your try to age it up. Giving Human Centipede vibes, the horse rears onto its hind legs and starts walking backwards while your Sim is helplessly stuck there.

Horse Ranch is full of glitches

As pointed out by Kotaku, this isn't the first (or last) glitch to afflict The Sims 4 Horse Ranch. Other angry gamers have been battling a plague of bugs, with horses being pretty janky right now. Someone else shared their run-in witch glitchy horses on TikTok. 

One joked, "The glue factory would be getting a call," while another added, " Sims 4 x BoJack Horseman collab." Others were less impressed, as someone fumed, "The fact that this bug was discussed during preview, and they STILL left it in. Unbelievable." Yes, the devs had already vowed to fix this exact issue.

Then again, this is The Sims. We've been laughing at hilarious glitches for the past 23 years. Maxis is usually pretty on it with this kind of thing, so we don't imagine it'll be long before horses are back to doing their canter and winning Best in Show.

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