Project Rene leak shows off massive The Sims 5 map

Project Rene leak shows off massive The Sims 5 map
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Tom Chapman


29th Mar 2024 12:02

Having waited nine years for a sequel to The Sims 4, you can bet that fans are expecting something special from The Sims 5. As Maxis continues to churn out Expansion Packs and DLC, The Sims 4 doesn't look like it's going anywhere just yet. Still, we're excitedly looking ahead at the mysterious Project Rene.

Announced as Project Rene back in October 2022, it's important to note we don't know if The Sims 5 will even be called that. We're promised something different, with wild theories we'll be swapping our traditional neighbourhoods for apartments, as well as the long-awaited addition of multiplayer.

Massive The Sims 5 map leaked

One thing's for sure, and whatever form Project Rene takes, it's going to be huge. Since the OG The Sims came to PC in 2000, the series has (literally) grown and got bigger with each outing. Adding new districts and even far-off locations to visit, we're no longer stuck living next door to the Goth Family.

Over on Reddit, DzXAnt22 has given us a potential tease of the massive The Sims 5 map. As playtests have been going since Project Rene was first revealed, leaks aren't uncommon. DzXant says that recently leaked images were from a datamined playtest build but are only a small part of the map.

The OP has shown off a much bigger map that's apparently based on Paris, showing off how big The Sims 5 really could be. It makes sense that only a small part of the full game is playable in playtests, but if this post is the real deal, it's hard to get our heads around the potential size of The Sims 5 map.

The Sims 5 could return to an open-world

The Sims 4 Tiny Living
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There's also speculation that The Sims 5 could be open-world, based on the idea that the playtest ran well on a smartphone, even when zoomed out. There was no mention of a travel mechanic, suggesting that we'll return to The Sims 3's idea of an open-world game. 

Even though they say it's not the size (it's what you do with it), that hasn't stopped Simmers from getting psyched about a massive sequel. In the replies, players were over the moon that Maxis looks like it's really pushed the boat out on this one. 

There are obvious worries about The Sims 5, with complaints about it being stuffed with microtransactions, its mobile capabilities, and no one quite sure whether Project Rene is a spin-off. Still, if The Sims can return to anywhere near the glory days of The Sims 2, you can bet we'll be there on day one. 

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