The Sims 4 Bug Is Ageing Everyone Too Fast

The Sims 4 Bug Is Ageing Everyone Too Fast
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Joseph Kime


28th Jul 2022 12:57

The Sims 4 has just rolled out a pretty huge update (for free), which is actually an incredible feat given how EA is known for leeching money from the property. With all of the clamourings for better babies and the like in the game, it's usually locked behind a paywall that forces players to buy add-ons until the optimum The Sims 4 experience costs far beyond its point of entry.

The controversy behind EA's ability to milk a cash cow for all its worth continues, but now, we've got a rare freebie. Either way, the new update is dishing out some great Quality of Life changes that fans are grateful for. But, there's something wrong as Father Time is causing mischief in The Sims 4

Is The Sims 4 Ageing Broken?

The Sims 4 Bug Is Ageing Everyone Too Fast
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A new bug has emerged in the latest update, and it could send you to the grave long before you'd like. There are multiple reports that Maxis' update is forcing your Sims to age much, much, faster than they were intended to. In fact, some Sims are going through their entire life cycle in a matter of minutes. 

As reported on The Sims Community website, once the update has been installed, players are reporting that their Sims are entering the next phase of their lives without it even being their birthday. This means they're dashing toward their twilight in a way that no fan could have expected.

The Sims community website has suggested that players who have their ageing set to either short or long are experiencing the bug, and as a result, haven't really been offered much of a choice when it comes to the lifespan of their Sims. Thankfully, those playing the normal way seem to be unaffected. 


The Sims Respond To Ageing Bug

EA has come forward to acknowledge the bug and give players a hand while devs work on a new solution to the problem. "Hey Simmers!" it says on Twitter. "We are currently investigating instances involving Sims auto-aging up in saves using the Short or Long lifespan. We recommend temporarily playing in or creating new saves with the default/'normal' lifespan, as we work towards a solution."

It's refreshing that EA is already working on the problem - but isn't it a bit funny that Sims are so desperate to get to the grave considering elaborate ways of killing them off has become a trend on its own? Looks like we won't even have to take the ladders off the pool - by the time they've changed and they're in there, they'll already have perished.

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