The Sims 4 Adds Animal Crossing Froggy Chair, And EA Should Be Ashamed

The Sims 4 Adds Animal Crossing Froggy Chair, And EA Should Be Ashamed
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Joseph Kime


27th May 2022 11:03

Animal Crossing has a lot of iconic features. Tom Nook, the lovable accused uber-capitalist, Blathers kipping on the job, and Resetti making your life hell when you forget to get your saves in - and the Froggy Chair. That wonderful Froggy Chair.

The Froggy Chair is a slippery and illustrious piece of furniture that has become relatively hard to find in recent years, but it has never lost its status as one of the most sought-after items in the game. The chair that (you guessed it) looks like a frog is a status symbol at this point - and it looks like EA has been taking notes.

Is The Sims 4 Getting Its Own Froggy Chair?

The new pack that's set to arrive in The Sims 4, The Little Campers kit, comes with a wealth of goodies to let your young characters set up their own little glamping retreat. More than having players excited for some new goodies to play with, it's coming with a familiar chair.

As the pack isn't out just yet, some The Sims superfans have gone digging around in the files to peek at the new items to prove one of them is a froggy chair. No, we haven't dreamed it up. We bet Tom Nook is on the phone to his lawyers right now.

The chair is foldier, naturally to keep it in line with the camping aesthetic, but it's impossible to deny that the froggy chair is here in The Sims 4. Fans have been quick to take to Twitter to discuss the new Froggy Chair, but we won't stand for this blatant rip-off for a second.

The Sims Should Be Ashamed Of Their Fraudulent Froggy Chair

We are immensely protective of the blessed Froggy Chair, and all of the good that it represents in Animal Crossing, so this fraudulent chair is a symbol of reductive plagiarism in our books. The Froggy Chair is sacred, standing for as an immovable icon of charm, friendliness, and most importantly, Froggies.

This pale and collapsible imitation means nothing, and if anything, dampens how truly important the Froggy Chair is. No, we will not accept this new Froggy Chair. Not for a moment. EA, we hope you're going to be taking a long, hard look at yourself for this. Is the Froggy Chair some flippant mascot to you? It certainly isn't to us. For shame.


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