The OG Warzone Is Back, But 'On Life Support'

The OG Warzone Is Back, But 'On Life Support'
Images: Raven Software

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Joseph Kime


30th Nov 2022 12:31

The launch of Warzone 2.0 has been pretty bombastic, even in spite of the circumstances. As the baton was passed back to Infinity Ward from Raven Software, fans were nervous that the new game wouldn't live up to the hype Warzone built for itself.

Although we were willing to return to the first game at the drop of a hat, that opportunity was pulled. Warzone disappeared right as Warzone 2.0 made its arrival, and though the chance to return to the familiar was taken away, many didn't feel it was necessary.

What's Going On With The Original Warzone?

Now, the original game is back - but it's not in the best shape. Warzone has returned to digital storefronts everywhere, but fans are a little bit concerned about the state it's in.

Now officially named Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera, the battle royale has pretty drastically stripped back the content that was available before it disappeared. As Eurogamer predicted, it's now on life support. 

This revamped Call of Duty only offers the chance to play a battle royale game in Caldera, with Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep nowhere to be found.

It's a deeply frustrating revelation, especially when considering that the parts that made Warzone so special have practically vanished from the game, while the file size of Warzone Caldera remains pretty whopping. Dedicating 100GB and upwards.

The download size is a tall order for a battle royale in the first place, but if you're also playing Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare II, it will cost a lot of file space. Worse yet, Call of Duty doesn't even seem keen for players to return to Caldera.

Call Of Duty Has Been Quiet On Warzone's Return

Activision itself is seemingly keeping the return of the original Warzone quiet, in hopes that players will be too busy with the new experience to care in any meaningful way.

Of course, the new game is still Warzone and keeps players busy, with few being so offended by the new game that they want to defer. Even so, a lack of publicising the return of the OG is strange.

The franchise clearly wants players to look toward the future instead of returning to the familiar. Sorry, Warzone - it looks like your time might be up.

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