Rebirth Island And Fortune's Keep Are Officially Gone Forever

Rebirth Island And Fortune's Keep Are Officially Gone Forever
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Jack Marsh


16th Nov 2022 13:44

Ahead of a new dawn for Call of Duty's battle royale action, let's all take a moment to press F to pay your respects. Two fallen soldiers have been laid to rest forever.

In a Ghosts memorial fashion, bow your head to the Resurgence maps of Warzone, as both Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep are being removed from the Call of Duty world forever.

Warzone 2's launch has seen Al Mazrah enter the spotlight, pulling together the multiplayer 6v6 maps and Ground War locations together alongside a range of remastered classical landscapes from over a decade ago into a medley of mayhem and nostalgia.

However, it's a case of out with the old and in with the new for Warzone. The birthing of Al Mazrah means the death of the two Resurgence maps. Some sort of Warzone circle of life.

Goodbye To Rebirth Island And Fortune's Keep

Rebirth Island landed in our laps back in December 2020, when Resurgence first came to Warzone. Completely scrapping the lacklustre Alcatraz design from Blackout, Rebirth Island offered players a blend of the frantic multiplayer stylistic with the one-life temperament of a BR.

Rebirth Island then paved the way for Fortune's Keep to enjoy a few months in rotation, and while it wasn't quite as good as its predecessor, the small island-based map was a hit for fans in need of something fresh and shiny.

However, Warzone 2's arrival has now seen Resurgence get completely wiped away, with the original game - now labelled Warzone Legacy - hosting only Caldera.

What Does The Future Hold For Warzone Resurgence?

Al Mazrah, or even Caldera if you choose to stick with your old skins, are now the only maps playable on either iteration of Warzone - leaving no option for Resurgence.

While Modern Warfare 2's Ground War and Invasion modes do plug that hole in a way, Resurgence maps will return at some point in the timeline, just not Rebirth Island or Fortune's Keep. Previous leaks have suggested that a Resurgence map is planned to arrive in mid-2023

In the meantime, may we cast a memory for Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep, as they are laid in the ground with a US Army flag and the memories of millions of Call of Duty players worldwide?

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