The Boys’ Karl Urban tipped for major Mortal Kombat 2 role

The Boys’ Karl Urban tipped for major Mortal Kombat 2 role
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Joseph Kime


5th May 2023 11:30

The green light has hit Mortal Kombat, and we're officially getting a follow-up to the glorious beat-em-up cinematic event that came in 2021. 

It was sad to see Mortal Kombat suffer at the hand of being a straight-to-digital release thanks to the global pandemic, but even despite this, it made up the numbers to prove that the movie had legs and would perform even better on the big screen when its sequel eventually arrived.

So, here we are, patiently awaiting the next instalment in what deserves to be a strong franchise. And, it looks like it's about to make some incredible casting, as The Boys' Karl Urban could be ready to rumble in Mortal Kombat 2

Karl Urban is circling the role of Johnny Cage in MK2

The Boys’ Karl Urban tipped for major Mortal Kombat 2 role
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What perfect casting. It looks as though the one character fans missed in the first film will be coming to life in a pretty bombastic fashion. Mortal Kombat 2 might've found its Johnny Cage in the form of Karl Urban.

It has been reported by The Wrap that Urban - best known for his roles in The Boys and Dredd - is in final talks to star in the Mortal Kombat sequel as Johnny Cage. This comes after Cage's role in a sequel was teased by the first film's post-credits.

This casting is magnificent, and many fans are absolutely thrilled that the effing-and-jeffing star of The Boys will be coming to the series.

Mortal Kombat 2's director is set to return

Along with this news, it's claimed that director Simon McQuoid is set to return, indicating that the level of quality seen in the first Mortal Kombat will be matched. Plus, Moon Knight and The Umbrella Academy screenwriter Jeremy Slater has penned the screenplay for the sequel.

Sub-Zero actor Joe Taslim previously claimed he was contracted for four movies if the first did well, while That Hashtag Show recently reported that newcomers for the sequel will include Shao Khan, Baraka, Katana, Quan Chi, and Sindel.

Ubran's potential involvement is pretty exciting news, not just for fans of Johnny Cage, but it's promising to see that more moves are being made towards the film being made. Here's hoping it actually makes it to the cinema this time.

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