Ed Boon Wants A Mortal Kombat 4 Remake

Ed Boon Wants A Mortal Kombat 4 Remake
Images via NetherRealm

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Joseph Kime


30th Jan 2023 14:51

Mortal Kombat has been going for some time, surviving controversy after controversy to become the most notorious fighting game in history.

The game's team at NetherRealm has given the IP immense focus, with the devs only working on Injustice outside of Mortal Kombat, and the forward motion of the series is expected to continue with the long-rumoured MK12

But it looks like the future isn't the only thing that NetherRealm is passionate about, as the series's co-creator has suggested that one remake has been considered in the past.

Ed Boon Has Considered A Mortal Kombat 4 Remake

Ed Boon is the co-creator and Chief Creative Officer of Mortal Kombat. He's taken to Twitter to reveal that the idea of remakes isn't totally outside of the (Nether) realm of possibility for the series.

More than this Boon has a particular game in his sights and explained he's considered the idea of remaking the series' fourth mainline title.

One fan has shared a poster they designed for a fictional Mortal Kombat 4 remake, and Boon seemed to leap at the opportunity to share it. Quote tweeting it to his own followers, Boon added, "YES! I've definitely considered this over the years." Interesting.

Where Are The Mortal Kombat Remakes?

It's a compelling idea to consider a remake of the classic fighting game, especially when fighting games at large are reliant on new developing mechanics - but it's something that could go down a treat.

Hell, if they rebooted the franchise entirely (again), fans would love it. But, as Mortal Kombat games evolve, there aren't actually an awful lot of changes - so it might be a little tough to pull off.

Either way, we'll never sniff at more Mortal Kombat, while MK4 has a special place in our hearts as it ushered in the 3D era of the franchise. Whatever is next, we'll be ready with kunai-rope darts in hand.

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