Twisted Metal Season 1 defies critics with rave reviews

Twisted Metal Season 1 defies critics with rave reviews
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7th Aug 2023 16:57

Some of you have been indulging your Sweet Tooth with Peacock's Twisted Metal series, and while most of us wrote it off as just another subpar video game adaptation, Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have apparently turned out a banger.

Based on the PlayStation franchise of the same name, the live-action Twisted Metal veers away from the demolition derby roots of the games. Still, with it being packed full of Easter eggs and giving us a faithful recreation of the iconic Sweet Tooth, it's clear some of you are loving this bombastic romp. 

Fans give Twisted Metal 10/10

Twisted Metal dropped all 10 episodes of its first season on Peacock on July 27, and although critics have been pretty unkind to it, casual fans are loving this high-adrenaline and campy clown caper. In particular, Will Arnett's voice work has given them the live-action Sweet Tooth they'd always dreamed of. 

Even though it's not exactly up there with HBO's The Last of Us in terms of storytelling, Twisted Metal has earned a loyal legion of fans. Having binged the series, the Twitterverse was alive with praise. One cheered, "Twisted got an easy 10/10," while another added, "If you’re not watching Twisted Metal, you’re missing one helluva show!"

A third wrote, "So how is the twisted metal's tv show? In fact, is amazing. I'm waiting for the second season," and a fourth said, "Honestly the opening first 2-3 minutes of Twisted Metal sell the show better than most of the promo material or "Exclusive Looks" that they've released, they had no confidence in the show."

Someone else concluded, "I am begging you all to see Twisted Metal because we NEED a second season, it’s so damn fun and has a lot of heart, humor, Easter eggs, killer music, gore, and mayhem. With one of the best season finales ever, I sincerely have never had more hope for a second season! Batsh*t fun!"

How the Twisted Metal finale sets up Season 2

Dollface Twisted Metal TV Series
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The Twisted Metal finale has John Doe (Anthony Mackie) finally figuring out that Raven (Neve Campbell) might have an ulterior motive. Setting up an explosive second season, Raven reveals that she's placing New San Francisco against the other cities in a deadly derby where they put forward their best driver.

There's even a tease of the mysterious Calypso, who you'll know is the creator of the Twisted Metal contest in the games. Heading into Season 2, it looks like John will be pitted against some of the friends he made in the first run of episodes, duking it out until there's only one left. 

It all sounds pretty Hunger Games, and even though it's clear John will likely win, there are sure to be twists along the way. We also got a finale reveal of Dollface as John's sister, meaning the pieces are in place for Season 2. As Twisted Metal has only just aired its first season, there's no news on Season 2. Still, there are plenty of you revving your engines in anticipation. 

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