Tears of the Kingdom fans worried for missing BotW character

Tears of the Kingdom fans worried for missing BotW character
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Tom Chapman


18th May 2023 16:19

Although there was originally some confusion about where The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fits into the ever-complex Zelda timeline, we know now it's a full-blown sequel to 2017's Breath of the Wild. The 2023 game has dodged complaints it's a Breath of the Wild reskin, while still feeling like a true successor. 

Zombie Ganon is (briefly) locked beneath Hyrule Castle, the Koroks are still tottering around the place, and fan-favourite NPCs like Sidon and Beedle all return for more. Sadly, one Breath of the Wild staple is MIA in Tears of the Kingdom, leaving players worried something has happened to him. 

Where is Kass in Tears of the Kingdom?

Before Tears hit shelves, the trailers confirmed Sidon, Riju, and Tulin would be coming back - leaving a Kass-shaped hole in our hearts. Casting your minds back to Breath of the Wild, Kass was the Rito bard who was our feathered friend touring the kingdom looking for "Ancient Songs." 

Jump forward to Tears, and Kass is mysteriously MIA. Considering he was a pretty major sidequest in Breath and played an equally large part in the Champions Ballad DLC, his absence has us fearing the worst. If you aren't convinced, Kass' Rito family are still waiting in Rito Village.

The mystery of Kass gets even weirder when one of his kids makes a vague mention of their "dad" and another Rito only refers to him as a "famous bard." Has Hyrule slipped into some sort of Twilight Zone? Finally, those who imported their Breath of the Wild save will notice a photo Kass gave to Link is hanging in his house.

Fans want to know where Kass is in Tears of the Kingdom


One concerned player wrote, "I only have two real complaints about Tears of the Kingdom as I come up to the final boss. No Kass and no Wolf Link? Effed up, bro," while another added, "Nintendo, please answer me...where the f**k is Kass??? My beautiful bard man where is he?????"

A third concluded, "Tears of the Kingdom has been out for 3 days and there's STILL no sign of Kass anywhere?? filing a missing persons report and sending out group searches." It's a mystery, with the vague mentions of Kass suggesting something else is going on rather than the devs simply forgetting about him.

As Kass featured so prominently in Breath of the Wild's DLC, there are theories he's being saved for Tears' own presumed DLC. For the time being though, we have to hope Kass hasn't been kidnapped by Horriblins and roasted on a rotisserie.

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