Please stop tormenting Tears of the Kingdom's Koroks

Please stop tormenting Tears of the Kingdom's Koroks
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Tom Chapman


17th May 2023 15:39

Ah, we love the smell of roasted Koroks in the morning. Those peppy little plants are once again back in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but giving Tingle a run for his money as Hyrule's most annoying inhabitants, players have taken to torturing them... and we're concerned.

First introduced in Wind Waker, Koroks have transformed versions of the Kokiri - who evolved this way after the Great Flood. They appeared again in Breath of the Wild, where we left them alone. But when it comes to Tears of the Kingdom, some sadistic gamers have turned it into a giant Korok torture chamber.

Tears of the Kingdom is a torture garden for Koroks

The addition of new abilities to Tears of the Kingdom has made the 2023 game a sandbox for creativity. As well as building giant mechs for something of an Armored Core crossover, others have been using the Ultrahand building to do terrible things to Koroks.

We find ourselves asking whether Zelda players are okay, as clips of horrifying builds are doing the rounds online. The problem is, unlike creating traps to kill Bokoblins, Koroks can't be harmed - meaning they're forced to go through this torment for eternity.

There are some morally questionable antics of crucifying Koroks and proudly displaying them on the front of your vehicles when driving across Hyrule. Part of Korok questline is to get them back to their friends, and while attaching a rocket to them is borderline mean, it's nothing compared to barbequing them.

Torching Koroks seems to be a popular method at the moment, and with them easily being fused to anything and everything, funeral pyres and Korok rotisseries are common occurrences on Twitter. They simply scream "It's too hot" or "I need to get back to my friend," all while being flambéed.

Korok torment is worse than you think

It's not just Koroks being put through their paces. User @Oyffie has been showing off other "war crimes." There's something satisfying about seeing a Hinox get struck by giant penises made of rock or a Flame Gleeok being blasted with a pressure washer, however, we imagine it's not what Nintendo wanted Ultrahand to be used for. 

Remembering that the Koroks are Kokiri, and it means you could be burning some fan-favourites from Ocarina of Time. We never found out what happened to the fan-favourite Saria, and if the Koroks are the Kokiri, there's every chance you could be butchering Link's love interest while dressed as him. How harrowing.

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