Starfield players discover murderous XP farm that PETA would hate

Starfield players discover murderous XP farm that PETA would hate
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Joseph Kime


16th Oct 2023 17:25

Considering Bethesda's Starfield has been out for a few months now, it's safe to say that players are stuck all the way in at this point. Whether it be building and fortifying their own home bases or still bouncing around the cosmos looking for resources, the sci-fi shooter offers plenty for wannabe astronauts to do.

Many Starifeld players are focussing on levelling hard and boosting their abilities into the stratosphere. Now, some have found a way to do it quickly and on the cheap. Be warned though, this Starfield XP farm does incite a lot of death - don't tell PETA. 

Fans have found a deeply murderous XP Farm in Starfield

Fans have found a pretty great Starfield XP farm that's giving them access to all of the perks they could ask for. There's a pretty grim drawback, but according to most, they don't mind if they have to kill hundreds of animals to get there.

As shared on Reddit, it seems that the Schrodinger system is filled with monsters that are ripe for killing. One video has shown the OP tearing through packs of animals and reaping the rewards of huge payouts of XP. You just have to be okay with all of the genocide first.

As years of Bethesda games have taught us, nothing is going to stop players from getting involved here. Other gamers are going out of their way to wipe out entire ecosystems, all in the name of more skill points. It's nothing new, and if you've played Skyrim, you'll know this is pretty tame.

Fans react to Starfield's incredible XP farm

Concept art of a landed ship in Starfield.
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"If you don’t land on the planet then the exp is both there and not there at the same time," joked one commenter in response to the video shared to Reddit. "Ah, genocide," laments another. "My favourite pastime activity."

A third said, "I only feel okay killing the aliens that try to kill me first. But on the other hand I don't wait for Spacers or Ecliptic to take the first shot..." Still, that hasn't stopped a bloodthirsty crop of murderous players chopping their way through the doomed animals of Schrdoinger III. 

It's clear that players know exactly what they're doing, but the chances of it stopping them from earning plenty of XP are pretty slim. After all, there are hundreds of planets just like this one - what's a little bit of extinction when compared to the next level of the Commerce skill?

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