Star Wars Eclipse Insider Has Bad News For Fans

Star Wars Eclipse Insider Has Bad News For Fans
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Joseph Kime


4th Mar 2022 10:39

Star Wars Eclipse has been a controversial game, and it isn't even out yet. Of course, we'd be daft not to welcome a new adventure in the Star Wars universe with open arms, as very few of them have let us down so far.

Yet, with this game being produced by Quantic Dream, the team behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, there's reasonable cause for concern. Many don't expect the game to be able to pull off a great game in the era of The High Republic, and while we're incredibly sceptical, we're more than hoping to be wowed.

Star Wars Eclipse has been the victim of a lot of leaks, though, with some even uncovering the game long before its reveal - and now a new leak has offered a disappointing swing for fans.

What Is The Star Wars Eclipse Leak?

A brand new report has suggested that fans probably shouldn't be excited to get their hands on Star Wars Eclipse any time soon. In fact, they're set to have years to wait. A leak from Xfire has suggested that the game may not be released for a very long time, with an expected 2027 date being pitched. Worse yet, there's even the possibility it could be pushed to 2028. Blimey.

This is due to Eclipse failing to draw applications to join the team, and Quantic Dream's difficulty hiring developers for the game after allegations have been made against the team for sexual harassment, a toxic work environment, and the company's head David Cage making some pretty nasty comments too.

Quantic is controversial for sure, and it's likely that this is the reason the game is struggling to hire despite an incredibly cinematic trailer for the game. It's a real shame because this untapped era of the High Republic has a whole galaxy of potential.

Why Hasn't Quantic Dream Filled Its Roles?

Star Wars Eclipse Insider Has Bad News For Fans
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The report from Xfire has claimed that despite some roles being published as early as October 2020, they have been republished and reposted to Quantic Dream's hiring attempts. In indicates that for the last two years, they have failed to find exactly who they are looking for, or developers are simply reluctant to get involved with the company.


This is fascinating, as it looks like developers are growing able to stand up and resist the alleged toxic work environments - but it's not good news for fans excited for the game, as it means Star Wars Eclipse could be pushed back even further.

Regardless of the reason for the game's struggles behind the scenes, we're remaining sceptical - the AAA title could yet flop or be the greatest Star Wars game we've ever played. Either way, nestle in. We're in for a long wait.


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