Fans Won't Stop Hating On The Silent Hill 2 Remake

Fans Won't Stop Hating On The Silent Hill 2 Remake
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Tom Chapman


20th Oct 2022 15:32

You had one job to do guys, come on. With a whole decade to plan the triumphant return of Silent Hill to our screens, you'd hope Konami would nail the perfect presentation to announce the franchise's resurrection. While there was plenty to talk about after the October showcase, players won't stop ripping the Silent Hill 2 remake to pieces.

When you look back at any good horror franchise, there are some games that stand out more than others. For Resident Evil it's Resident Evil 4 from 2005, and for Silent Hill, it's Silent Hill from 2001. That's great news for Capcom's upcoming RE4 remake, but for Silent Hill, there are questions ranging from where is our OG Silent Hill remake to the choice of developer.

Why Does Everyone Hate The Silent Hill 2 Remake?

If you tuned in for the Silent Hill transmission. you might not have been too surprised by what was on the roster - namely because Konami accidentally leaked it ahead of time. A Silent Hill 2 remake was an easy sell, and while we can't wait to see what a new-gen version of the infamous dog ending looks like, the comments weren't kind to Konami's offerings.

Although it's great news concept artist Masahiro Ito and original composer Akira Yamaoka are back, players were less happy that Guy Cihi won't return to voice James Sunderland. Elsewhere, critics were unconvinced by The Medium's Bloober Team helming the remake. "I'm....undecided. I don't trust Konami or Bloober to capture the same meaning/depth," said one. "I was hoping for a remaster but with the original code gone, that's not an option. I guess Konami wanted to cash in after Resident Evil Remakes proved they could make $$$."

Bloober was a rumoured name for longer than we can remember, so should we really be that surprised?  Someone else grumbled, "Brand new game by the team who made resident evil resistance and resident evil Re:Verse and Marvels avengers. So be wary." A third brought the console wars into the debate and raged, "The fact that Konami doesn't know the petty bull going on with Sony, and they pull this. It just about make them worst. How about remaking the first game first instead of skipping to sequels Konami."


Is Silent Hill 2 A Timed Exclusive?

If you stuck around until the end of the trailer, you'll notice the small print that says while it will also be a PC game, it won't release on "other platforms" for at least 12 months. Kicking off that Xbox fans will be locked out of this tormented town, someone else fumed, "My favorite game of all time and I can’t play it cause I’m Xbox. Thanks mate." Not all is lost though, and thanks to backward compatibility, Xbox owners can play Silent Hill 2 right now on their Xbox Series. 

Maybe we're being a bit harsh because there was a lot of love for the Silent Hill 2 remake in other pockets. Remembering that we've asked for exactly this for so long, is there any need to complain yet? The jury is out on whether the Silent Hill 2 remake can thrive in this toxic landscape, but with a new movie, Silent Hill fSilent Hill: Townfall, and even more, there's a lot to look forward to. 

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