Kojima’s OD could feature “social scream” system according to trademarks

Kojima’s OD could feature “social scream” system according to trademarks
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13th Dec 2023 20:42

At The Game Awards earlier this month, Kojima announced a new game, titled OD, is on the way.

Not much has been shared about what the game will entail, however some new trademarks have given fans ideas as to what the game could entail, including some elements of social horror.

Some new trademarks relating to Kojima’s OD have been filed

When Kojima took to the stage at The Game Awards to announce OD, very little was specified.

Aside from the fact that the game is being made in collaboration with Xbox, Jordan Peele is involved, and the game is hoping to make way for a new form of media. 

Four new trademarks have been uncovered which give a bit more insight into what mechanics might be in the game.

Two of the trademarks are for OD itself, however the other two are a bit more interesting: “Social Scream System” and a “Social Stealth System.”

Reddit users have theories about what OD could involve

The discovery of these trademarks has led people who are excited for the game’s release to speculate on what this could mean about the mechanics in OD.

Reddit user, hobo_lad said: “So this is gonna be a social horror game since it seems to be catered to streamers. I would guess a single player horror game with the caveat that other players interject into your game while you are playing via the cloud.

“I would think something similar to Dark Souls multiplayer but without co-op and a little more involvement from other players into your world. Random players or friends can probably introduce new challenges for the player or provide hints or help which would ensure no two playthroughs are the same.

“I was kinda hoping it would just be a traditional horror game with a radiant AI for the enemies that used player data from the cloud to adjust it throughout your playthrough. This could be cool too. I just hope it isn't too intrusive and the story is good.”

Another player suggested that the game may operate in a similar way to the 2001 film ‘The Others’.

They said: “I assume it would be like Death Stranding with async multiplayer, but the player will experience visions and hauntings based on other players actions, e.g I walked around and opened a door, then another player will see a "ghost" of my character doing those actions.”

One thing that several players have expressed is that they would like the game to involve more than just quick time events or button prompts, which many fear may be a possibility based on Kojima saying the game will be “like a movie, but also a new form of media.”

That and please don’t let the game be anything like Silent Hill: Ascension, which has been universally disliked by the majority of Silent Hill fans.

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