Second Resident Evil Village Demo Leaks Early

Second Resident Evil Village Demo Leaks Early

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Tom Chapman


8th Apr 2021 08:39

That lady is a vamp. We're heading back into the crumbling bowels of Castle Dimitrescu and hoping to escape with our lives (and necks) intact with the second Resident Evil Village demo. Capcom is gearing up for the release of its eighth main series entry to the long-running zombie shuffler. With this being the first next-gen RE game and boasting a whole new aesthetic, all bets are off when it comes to guessing what's really going on.

While players know Village will pick up the story of Resident Evil 7's Ethan Winters, it's unclear what drags Ethan back into the world of monsters and mercenaries. Spoiler, we're guessing it has something to do with the Umbrella Corporation and the return of Chris Redfield. Despite the full release being less than a month away, Capcom promised players a second Resident Evil Village demo, so we can sink our teeth into more of the story. 


What is the second Resident Evil Village demo?

According to MP1st, four new SKU (stock-keeping units) have been uploaded to the PlayStation Network. Although they aren't live yet, the region-specific uploads for the USA, Europe, Japan, and Asia are all titled "Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo". The Japanese SKU refers to "Biohazard" instead of Resident Evil, which is the franchise's branding in that region. The details reveal the second Resident Evil Village demo will be around 10GB in size, while control options also hint at a remote play option for the PlayStation Vita - talk about a blast from the past.

There's no release date for the demo, but with things firmly in the backend expect Capcom to give the official nod soon. The image used for the gameplay demo is the same placeholder poster that features the returning Chris Redfield alongside a wolf. We're not quite sure what's going on with the brooding Redfield, but there are wild theories he could be one of the monstrous werewolves featured in the first trailer shown last year. Either way, it seems this isn't the Chris we've come to know and love since 1996's Resident Evil, teasing he might've finally succumbed to Umbrella's meddling. 


What else do we know about the second Resident Evil Village demo?

Second Resident Evil Village Demo
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It seems like only yesterday that PlayStation 5 players were treated to the Maiden demo. Following an unnamed protagonist as a prequel to Ethan's visit to Castle Dimitrescu, players had to escape the dungeons and evade the towering Lady Dimitrescu. Although some were disappointed that there wasn't any combat, it set the tone for Village and amped up the stealth elements of the survival horror. With a more general release on the way for the second Resident Evil Village demo, we'll finally be able to make the most of Ethan's arsenal and hopefully find out more about this tormented town's inhabitants. 

Capcom has already promised another Resident Evil Showcase for some point later this month. Here, we'll presumably get an official release date for the demo alongside a few more surprises. Also in April, there's the launch of Resident Evil RE:Verse's open beta, while there are still whispers that the next showcase could finally reveal that long-rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake. As we prepare to raise a glass to Lady D and Resident Evil Village, let's hope the second demo lives up to the hype that it's more than just zombies that'll make the next title a terrifying title for the ages.


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