Rogue Company Introduces New Rogue, Sigrid

Rogue Company Introduces New Rogue, Sigrid

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Jack Marsh


11th Dec 2020 12:36

Rogue Company has quickly become one of the most engaging new games of 2020, with its new ranked mode setting it up for an esports debut in the new year. As the game begins to develop, Hi-Rez Studios have begun to expand the character pool, recently adding The Fixer, a marksman who has a thing for bling.

Looking towards the next update, Rogue Company's Lead Designer, Scott "Gandhi" Lussier, has revealed that another rogue is on their way, and they're bringing some heavy machinery with them.

Introducing Sigrid.

Lussier describes Sigrid as a "breacher". The intentions behind Sigrid is to be a completely different style of breacher than Dima and Glitch, offering more firepower and direct combat. 

"What we really rallied behind was the idea of a rogue that could not only spearhead an assault but can also break through the enemies defences" stated Lussier on Twitter. 

Sigrid will come as a mechanic female brute that will be used as a force of attacking, wielding a deadly SMG. Oh, and a Riot Shield. 

Sigrid's Abilities

The new Rogue's abilities reinforce her to be usefulness around bomb sites, perfect for attacking, or as a last resort to defuse bombs. Her abilities are as follows:

Passive - Athletic

Sigrid is immune to any enemy slows. This means that she will not feel the effects of Trench's barbed wire, The Fixer's passive, and grenades such as tear gas. She will also be able to arm and defuse bombs and revive teammates from behind her shield, giving her a blockade from the gunfire whilst doing the dirty work for the team. 

Ability - Ballistic Shield

Sigrid will wield her shield upon activating her ability, which will give her substantial cover from head-on assaults. Whilst using the shield, Sigrid will be able to shoot with her pistol (which will reveal her head), use gadgets, and even melee players to get swift eliminations. She will also be gifted with an Adrenaline Shot that can give her a boost of speed and health, perfect for storming bomb sites.

Sigrid will be coming to screens in the coming weeks, although an official date had yet to be released. 


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Image via Hi-Rez Studios

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