Rogue Company Update Includes New Skins And Cosmetics

 Rogue Company Update Includes New Skins And Cosmetics

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Tom Chapman


3rd Sep 2020 13:56

We've gone 'Rogue' here

Although Rogue Company has only just come out, Hi-Rez Studios is keen to keep its player base hooked with new info on its latest drop of content. The next Rogue Company update confirms there's a host of brand new skins and cosmetics coming to the first-person shooter. Despite Rogue Company's freshman status, the September 2 "Retail Therapy" update has given the in-game store some impressive stock.

Ahead of the update Hi-Rez said, "The team is bringing down servers to deploy our latest update, Retail Therapy, across all platforms. Keep your eyes on @HirezOps for the latest information regarding server downtime status. We'll be back soon Rogues!"

Update 0.49 is currently live in Rogue Company and has added a number of new features. It's time for a wardrobe change for Vy, Dallas, Lancer, and Scorch, meaning there are plenty of Rogues who are getting some sweet merch.


Special cosmetics are nothing new for Rogue Company, but until now, they were only available in the Founder's Packs. While most players opt for a free key, the Founder's Packs cost actual money and were a divisive tactic from Hi-Rez. Although the Retail Therapy skins will also cost you, they're a lot cheaper than shelling out on Founder's Packs. 

Suiting up your Rogues, there are three levels of Uncommon (costing 500), Rare (costing 1,200), and Legendary (costing 2,00). You'll be able to pick up two Uncommons at any time, while there's just one in each of the other categories. As an added bonus, there are weapon & wingsuit skins alongside buyable emotes to mix things up a bit. As with all these things though, we don't know how long they'll be in the shop.

The official patch notes explained, "The Rogue Company Store is now available! Get ready to Look Good as you peruse a number of options to customize your Rogue, wingsuit, weapon, or emote. New items will become available each week so be sure to stop by frequently". With Hi-Rez promising a rotating carousel of items, you'd better grab what you can, while you can. 

Rogue Company Rogues
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Elsewhere, there's the option to make Extraction full-time instead of just bring a Limited Time Mode, the Favelas map is back, and Trench is getting a barbed wire tweak for friendly teammates. Finally, there's the notable inclusion of a Surrender feature. Moving forward, players can ask for a surrender when a teammate has disconnected for more than three minutes or a match goes past 10 minutes.

All in all, there's plenty going on in Rogue Company. The latest update comes after news that Dr Disrespect is building his own map. The famed streamer has based Arena off the Champion's Club, and we've got to say, we're pretty impressed with what he's shown us so far.

With so much added in the new update, and now that Founder's Packs have been replaced by a more standardised method of buying skins, expect to see a lot more variety on the Rogue Company map.

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Images via Hi-Rez Studios

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