Is Rogue Company Free To Play On PS4, Xbox One and PC?

Is Rogue Company Free To Play On PS4, Xbox One and PC?

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Jack Marsh


22nd Jul 2020 15:45

Rogue Company is Hi-Rez Studios’ most recent third-person multiplayer shooter, which combines tactical awareness with accurate gunfights.

The 4v4 Search and Destroy game is now available to be played, in its early access closed beta, costing a minimum of £11.99 across all platforms.

The full release of the game is set to be free to play, with the early access being purchased to grant a sneak peek at what is set to come.

Currently, Rogue Company is not free to play, however, upon completion of the closed beta, it has been confirmed that Rogue Company will become free to play. Existing players who have bought the early access are granted with exclusive skins for the characters, known as ‘Rogues’, alongside personalisation quips such as emotes and sprays, in addition to understanding the game before its full release.

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There are three packs for the early access that can be purchased; the Starter Founder’s Pack is the cheapest at £11.99 which includes the closed beta access, two additional Rogues (named Chaac and Phantom) and interactive personalisation quips such as emotes and sprays. 

The Standard Founder’s pack is £24.99 which includes eight Rogues (Chaac, Dahlia, Glitch, Lancer, Phantom, Scorch, Talon and Vy) and more personalisation features.

The Ultimate Founder’s pack is £44.99 which grants access to the same eight Rogues and a barrel load of personalisation features, as well as 1,500 ‘Rogue Bucks’, the in-game currency which allows you to unlock more characters.

There has yet to be a date for when then closed beta will end, or when the full game will be released, however, it is set to be later this year, when Rogue Company will become free to play.

So far, the Rogue Company closed beta has attracted huge streamers such as Aceu as it looks to compete with VALORANT, CounterStrike: Global Offensive and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six as a popular team shooter game with accurate mechanics and tactical gameplay.

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Image via Epic Games

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