What is Rogue Company? A look at Hi-Rez Studios' most recent FPS shooter

What is Rogue Company? A look at Hi-Rez Studios' most recent FPS shooter
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22nd Jul 2020 14:30

Rogue Company is Hi-Rez Studios’ most recent release, which is an exciting third-person multiplayer shooter. 

Early access to the FPS tactical combat is now available to be purchased from the PlayStation and Xbox store, the Nintendo Switch eShop, and the Epic Games Store for PC, for a minimum of £11.99.

Rogue Company explained

Rogue Company is a Search and Destroy game featuring a range of characters, referred to as ‘Rogues’, which each have their own weapon loadouts and abilities. There are two modes available, the first being ‘Extraction’, which is a 4v4 game mode where the attacking side will seek to plant a bomb at either of two objectives (A or B) or eliminate your opponents, whereas the defending side will attempt to prevent this or eliminate you first. The second game mode, named ‘Wingman’ is the same concept in a 2v2 format.

What makes Rogue stand out is the ‘Rogues’ which complement the gameplay well. Similar to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, each character will have their own loadout as well as special abilities.

The loadouts consist of two primary weapons (assault rifles, submachine guns, snipers or shotguns), a secondary pistol, the ‘Katana’ sword, a range of grenades (Semtex, frags, smokes and flashbangs), and a large selection of perks. Each Rogue has a different mix of primary weapons, grenades, and perks, which can be bought in-game.

Like VALORANT and CounterStrike: Global Offensive, you start the opening round with just your pistol, and acquire cash throughout the rounds to upgrade your loadout, purchasing weapons or upgrades to better equip you to eliminate enemies.

You also glide in from a loading plane at the start of each round deploying a cloud of smoke behind you, which allows for tactical positioning and clever communicative routes.

Each Rogue’s abilities set them apart from each other, allowing a more detailed tactical element to the gameplay. From the twelve Rogues available, each will have a passive ability, such as not being visible to enemy radars, and a physical ability such as an explosive ballistic knife, perfect for catching flanking enemies off guard. 

There are also currently seven maps, keeping players entertained from game to game, each with its own stylistics which is effective and requires different styles of gameplay. 

The early access for Rogue Company can be purchased in three forms; the Starter Founder’s Pack comes in at £11.99 including the closed beta access, two additional Rogues and interactive personalisation quips such as emotes and sprays.

The Standard Founder’s pack is £24.99 which includes eight Rogues and more personalisation features, and the Ultimate Founder’s pack is £44.99 which grants access to eight Rogues and a barrel load of personalisation features, as well as 1,500 ‘Rogue Bucks’, the in-game currency which allows you to unlock more characters.

The full game is set to be free to play in the future, however, a date for the end of the beta has yet to be confirmed.

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