100 Thieves Character Skins Now Available In Rogue Company

100 Thieves Character Skins Now Available In Rogue Company

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1st Oct 2020 09:37

As one of the biggest esports teams out there, is it any wonder 100 Thieves is making its mark on Rogue Company? In a lucrative partnership with Hi-Rez Studios, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag is immortalising his iconic team in the third-person shooter and giving some of its most famous faces a lick of red and white paint.

Despite Rogue Company being fresh off the boat with a July 2020 launch, it's already tried to nestle in among the likes of VALORANT and Apex Legends with some clever marketing moves. While Hyper Scape has struggled to make much of a buzz at all, Rogue Company's partnerships with Dr Disrespect and now 100 Thieves proves Hi-Rez knows the streaming/esports scene well. 


News of a 100 Thieves collaboration is nothing new, thanks to Nadeshot and co. teasing it since last week. However, the 100 Thieves character skins are now live in-game, meaning you can dress as an honorary member of the team. In the reveal video, Nadeshot, Nicole "Neekolul" Sanchez, and Brandon “Avalanche” Thomas dressed in their finery to model some looks. 

Although you won't see Nadeshot actually on the battlefield, there's a 100 Thieves outfit bundle that paints Rogues including Saint, Dima, Phantom, and Ronin in the team's colours. If a wardrobe change isn't your bag, there's also a gear pack with 100 Thieves-themed skins for gliders and weapons. 

100 Thieves is a marketing juggernaut and has previously seen sponsorship from huge names including Razer and Red Bull. Only last year, the team's championship jersey became an in-game addition to FIFA 20. Unlike the 100 Thieves jersey being free by completing challenges in FIFA, the Rogue Company packs will cost you actual money.

The skin bundle will set players back 3,000 Rogue Bucks, while the gear bundle is 1,250 Rogue Bucks. Jack "CouRage" Dunlop has been streaming Rogue Company to celebrate the drop of the skins, meaning 100T is really pushing this one. Will you be suiting up with 100 Thieves in Rogue Company


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Images via 100 Thieves | Hi-Rez Studios

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