Rockstar reportedly scrapped eight GTA 5 DLCs, leaks suggest

Rockstar reportedly scrapped eight GTA 5 DLCs, leaks suggest
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Lloyd Coombes


26th Dec 2023 11:55

GTA 5 is a game of numbers. Three protagonists, ten years of GTA Online, and almost 200 million units sold, making it one of the best-selling video games of all time.

And yet, a new number suggests that not one, not two, but eight DLC updates were scrapped by developer Rockstar Games over the course of the last decade.

GTA 5 single-player DLC was scrapped eight times

GTA Online Jetpack
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The news comes from Insider Gaming, which notes that players have been picking through the GTA 5 source code which reportedly leaked online on Christmas Day, alongside cancelled projects including Bully 2.

According to the code, there were eight pieces of DLC that leaked, but the scope of each is undetermined.

The names 'Assassination Pack', 'Manhunt Pack', and 'Norman Pack' are prefaced by the letters 'SP', suggesting a focus on single-player, while other packs include 'Agent Trevor', 'Relationship Pack' and 'Enterprise Pack'.

There's every chance these were reworked into GTA Online (which features its own "Criminal Enterprises" system), but what's set tongues wagging is the inclusion of 'Prologue DLC' and 'LibertyV DLC', which some fans feel could be a GTA 6 prologue or Liberty City setup respectively.

Ultimately, we'll never know, but with GTA Online taking off in the way it did, essentially offering its own storylines and seemingly endless possibilities, there's a good chance Rockstar decided to focus on it alongside the now finally revealed GTA 6.

The history of GTA DLC

Screenshot from GTA 4's Ballad of Gay Tony expansion
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Aside from the regular updates for GTA Online, GTA 5 never did get any single-player updates, but GTA 4 saw two sizeable expansions.

The Liberty City adventure featured 'The Lost and Damned', which was set concurrently with 'The Ballad of Gay Tony', each with their own protagonists, storylines, and set pieces. Both were critically acclaimed, with many feeling it'd be a shoo-in for Rockstar to add DLC to GTA 5, but it simply never happened.

Will GTA 6 get DLC? It's been a few years since GTA 5 launched, and we've seen ambitious expansions like Phantom Liberty added to Cyberpunk 2077, so maybe the time is right for a comeback.

If nothing else, we'll chew Rockstar's proverbial arm off for a Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare-style zombie update.

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