Rockstar Just Turned GTA Online Into Crazy Taxi

Rockstar Just Turned GTA Online Into Crazy Taxi
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Jack Marsh


20th Jan 2023 13:36

Toot toot, Grand Theft Auto's very few law-abiding citizens (or particularly shrewd business folk) are in for a nice surprise next tie they log onto the online servers.

A new company has rolled into town and has opened its yellow doors for investors. Despite the majority of Rockstar Games' focus being on the upcoming revisit to Vice City for GTA 6, GTA V is still getting some love.

Most recently, the developers have rolled out an update to GTA Online, quickly becoming a Crazy Taxi DLC that players are blissfully enjoying.

Crazy Taxi Is Taking Over GTA Online

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The latest GTA Online update contains a range of features such as Lunar New Year celebration customisations, heavy-duty vehicles - including the MTL Brickade 6x6, MTL Brickade 6x6, and Maibatsu Manchez Scout C motorcycle - and a taxi business.

The Downtown Cab Co. is officially hiring, and if you can get your hands on the yellow checkered vehicles, you can begin scooting around Los Santos with customers and earn a fair wage.

Players can take full advantage of this new business opening by becoming a taxi driver and harnessing their inner Crazy Taxi by shooting down the boulevard at high speeds to get other crime-avoiding players to a safe haven destination of their choice. 

Completing ten jobs in the "Taxi Work" mission (unlocked by heading to Downtown Cab Co.) will earn the Taxi Star Award and unlock the Trade Price for the new Taxi. Rockstar has confirmed this new side hustle in a lengthy blog.

GTA+ Players Get A Sweet Ride With Crazy Taxi-Esque DLC

Unfortunately, the GTA Online version of Crazy Taxi doesn't reward players for getting air-time on their drop-offs, but you can earn a decent pot of cash from this laborious role.

But if you're more accustomed to the affluent life of a drug-fuelled cash king and don't have time in the capitalistic world for such ventures, you can still make good use of this update.

GTA+ owners can use the Taxi service to fast-travel to pre-determined locations for free, with only a five-minute cooldown, instead of the usual $1,000 fee and a 48-minute wait between trips.

So, if you either want to be a high-roller with instantaneous travel, or a self-made family man putting bread on the table with a straight-and-narrow life choice in GTA Online, this taxi-orientated update might be just up your street. Literally.

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