Rockstar Has Obliterated Its Own GTA V Anti-Cheat

Rockstar Has Obliterated Its Own GTA V Anti-Cheat
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Joseph Kime


27th Oct 2022 10:00

GTA V and GTA Online has become a massive focus for Rockstar Games over the last decade, and it's easy to see why. The game is absolutely massive.

The mainline and multiplayer romp across Los Santos has proven to be one of the biggest moneymakers for the game dev giants, and consistent updates have helped to keep fans content with the GTA experience alongside their pals and newfound enemies.

GTA V is a titan for good reason, and of course, this means that it paints a big target on its back for cheaters and hackers. Thankfully, Rockstar has managed to keep them out - but a new change in its anti-cheat software could accidentally be working that back.

Rockstar Just Stripped Back Its Own Anti-Cheat

By the word of dataminer and leaker Tez2, well known for his scoops from the inside of Rockstar Games, it looks as though Rockstar has shot itself in the foot.

"In an odd move, the latest #GTAV PC patch removes essential components of the anti-cheat system," he says on Twitter. "Resulting in the removal of approximately 95% of the anti-cheat system." Um… what?


This is a deeply bizarre revelation, and even though fans are joking that this isn't going to make a difference because the game is already peppered with hackers, it's unprecedented, and in many ways, incredibly stupid. But, some fans think there may be a method in the madness.

Fans Think A New GTA Anti-Cheat Is Coming

Of course, fans aren't expecting that Rockstar would be stupid enough to do this without any kind of reason. It's led to theorising that the anti-cheat has been gutted to make way for a new and improved model. Could this possibly be paving the way for GTA 6... whenever it releases?

The GTA anti-cheat has been underwhelming for a while now anyway, so it'd be a welcome addition to the game - if it actually shows up. Knowing Rockstar and what it's done with the likes of Red Dead Online, we're worried about what this could mean for the franchise. 

In the meantime, though, players are left without any protection (not that it's ever made much difference). Things are about to get a little hairy in Los Santos. 

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