Rockstar breaks huge Twitter record with new GTA reveal tweet

Rockstar breaks huge Twitter record with new GTA reveal tweet
Images: Rockstar Games | Twitter

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Joseph Kime


9th Nov 2023 16:13

Well, yesterday was a big day.

The wettest and windiest of Wednesday was clearly the perfect backdrop for Rockstar to unveil the biggest news of the generation, and maybe even beyond - the next Grand Theft Auto game is very much in the works, and to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, we’ll be getting a trailer next month in December.

It was a pretty bombastic Tweet to just ping out, but then again, given that the GTA 6 reveal came at the end of a fairly bog-standard blog post, we can’t expect too much from the team.

Even so, flashiness clearly had nothing to add to this reveal, as Rockstar is pulling in numbers that prove that with mere text, Rockstar can flip the entire gaming industry on its head.

Rockstar’s new GTA trailer announcement is the most liked gaming tweet ever

Rockstar’s bold reveal that Grand Theft Auto’s return will be seen by all in early December was certainly a big deal, and it has been confirmed that the few words that Rockstar tweeted have crushed a massive record.

Already, without uttering a detail about the game itself, Rockstar has pulled out the biggest gaming-related tweet in one day in the history of the platform, stacking up two million likes over the thread in only twenty-four hours.

The team’s Instagram post also racked up two million likes, but given just how human-focussed the platform and its algorithms are there, that’s also a pretty amazing feat.

There was little doubt that the reveal was going to be a big deal, but this is truly unprecedented. Rockstar could take over the world with a few tweets, clearly, and we’d all lap it up.

Is GTA VI going to debut its trailer at The Game Awards?

Many are expecting that the December 7 date set for this year's Game Awards and GTA’s hopes to drop the trailer in early December is too much of a coincidence, and have presumed that the trailer launch could be coming as a part of the event.

Though it’s feasible, Rockstar has proved time and time again (and with this tweet alone) that they can stoke hype from nothing, and The Game Awards clearly needs GTA more than GTA needs The Game Awards. However, if it shows up, it’ll be a big deal regardless. Roll on early December.

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