Rockstar Bans Crypto And NFTs From GTA Online

Rockstar Bans Crypto And NFTs From GTA Online
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Joseph Kime


22nd Nov 2022 12:54

GTA is a game for opportunists in concept alone. The franchise has been made up of bank heists, train robberies, and money-making schemes from day dot - it's one of the best things about the franchise at large.

This has made GTA V the perfect hub for crypto and NFT scammers to rock up and try to flog their worthless lines of code and JPGs. They've been preying on other players in RP servers to try to make some quick cash.

But, that could all be about to change. Apparently, nobody should be making money in GTA, unless it's Rockstar itself.

Why Is GTA Cracking Down On Crypto And NFTs?

Rockstar Bans Crypto And NFTs From GTA Online
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It looks like Rockstar has had enough of opportunists taking advantage of opportunities in their game about opportunists, as its announced that it's extending its rules to encapsulate the sale or promotion of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets in GTA V.

A new update from Rockstar indicates that roleplay servers aren't to be taken as a way to sell crypto, and the new rules offer a detailed ban on the practice.

The new statement reads, "Take-Two’s legal enforcement policy will be aligned with our current PC Single-Player mods policy, with priority in enforcement actions focused on: (i) misuse of Rockstar Games trademarks or game intellectual property (IP); (ii) importation or misuse of other IP in the project, including other Rockstar IP, real-world brands, characters, trademarks or music.

"(iii) commercial exploitation, including the sale of "loot boxes" for real-world currency or its in-game equivalent, the sale of virtual currencies, generating revenue via corporate sponsorships or in-game integrations, or the use of cryptocurrencies or crypto assets (e.g. "NFTs")."

If that wasn't enough, you're banned from "making new games, stories, missions, or maps," as well as "interfering with our official multiplayer or online services, including Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online." It's all pretty solid then.

What's Happening With Red Dead Online?

Of course, this blanket rule has extended to Red Dead Online, but it's pretty funny that this statement implies that anyone is trying to flog NFTs to the playerbase of the game.

We've covered that RDO is pretty bleak these days, and what few players are left means the numbers are waning by the day. As of right now, Red Dead Online isn't due to receive any major updates.

Red Dead Online is practically dead in the water. Fans are distraught, but there's nothing left to do. Still, at least the game will be crypto-free until its dying day. All things considered, that may be pretty soon.

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