Roblox's Call of Duty port is better than Modern Warfare 2

Roblox's Call of Duty port is better than Modern Warfare 2
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Jack Marsh


24th Feb 2023 17:13

The harshest critics would say Call of Duty has been on a downward trajectory for quite some time now, but Modern Warfare 2 did flip this on its head with an extremely popular release.

CoD will likely never be able to recapture the anomalous rise in popularity that Warzone brought during lockdown, while rival studios are propping up all over the place in a bid to develop the title that will finally tear Activision down from its pedestal.

But, what if that game was in front of us this whole time? And what if that game was Roblox?

Roblox fans make Call of Duty game...and it's fantastic

Roblox players have now made the game called Frontlines, which is entirely based on Call of Duty and has quickly gone viral. 

Having first been developed in 2020, Frontlines received a major update on February 24, which has really ramped up the graphics and gameplay smoothness.

Although the game clearly lacks that crispness we've seen refined in the Call of Duty world over the last decade, Frontlines has the feel of an old-school CoD from the Golden Age. Because of this, fans have been blown away by this clever little parody. 

Call of Duty fans jealous of Roblox Frontlines' features

Not only does the Roblox port have its own anti-cheat - well, kind of. Hackers can be banned live in games with the /votekick command - it also has more classic CoD features than Modern Warfare 2.

Players have quickly applauded the game for having the "Classic Minimap. shooting while sliding, Tactical Sprint, and a non-instantaneous TTK," all of which are missing from MW2.

The official Roblox account even responded to the viral clip and wrote, "Believe it! And while experiences like Frontlines are definitely pushing the boundaries of what's possible on Roblox, they're also just the beginning."

Obviously, we have to bear in mind that the demographic of Roblox players is significantly lower than CoD's, so that nostalgia blast won't tolerate you bringing back the lobby smack talk. Still, Frontlines definitely beats playing against camping dads on Team Deathmatch.

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