PUBG Corp has unveiled the brand new PUBG Patch 9.2 that adds dirt bikes and driver shooting to the beloved battle royale title.

11:37, 12 Nov 2020

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is rolling out the welcome wagon for its 9.2 update by adding a tonne of new content and features to the battle royale behemoth. As the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone have continued to make a lot of noise with their respective seasons, PUBG has been a little quieter apart from its Halloween spectacular. 

It sounds like PUBG Corp has been saving it all for the lateest patch, which will add dirt bikes, the ability to shoot while driving, and A LOT more. All of the above are features that have been asked for, so it's refreshing to see developers have been listening to what fans want when it comes to the game. Alongside dirt bikes and driver shooting, there are also quality-of-life updates and the standard slew of cosmetics. 


What's coming in the PUBG 9.2 update?

Update 9.2 – Now on the Test Server
Update 9.2 – Now on the Test Server

If you want to know what's coming in the PUBG update, the latest blog post revealed what's on the way. The 9.2 update is currently live on test servers and boasting plenty of new content to keep you dropping into the map. 

The biggest pull is the new Dirt Bike. Revving up on every map except Karakin, the Dirt Bike can reach speeds of 80mph and works equally well on and off-road. It's a variant of the Motorcycle but doesn't quite reach the same top speed.


The other major update is driver shooting, which allows you to lean out the window and take out opponents without using the old method of trying to ram them off the road. Driver shooting will work when driving every vehicle except boats and the BRDM. 


Other PUBG update tweaks

PUBG Battle Bride

The 9.2 update also has the addition of the "Battle Bride Pass" that puts Sadiya Qureshi in the spotlight. There's a 15-level progression path that unlocks new skins, while the pass is also separate from the current Survivor Pass: Highlands.


There's a new Team Finder UX feature that allows players to search for teammates instead of a random pre-game selection. Elsewhere, lobby chat has been enabled - but only for PC users (for now).

Finally, there's a line of Dirt Bike-themed skins to make the most of the new vehicular arrival. All in all, it might not be as expansive as something like Warzone's Season 6 update or its upcoming Black Ops Cold War overhaul, but still, it should keep PUBG players happy.



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