PUBG Devs Working On Escape From Tarkov and MW2 DMZ Competitor

PUBG Devs Working On Escape From Tarkov and MW2 DMZ Competitor
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Jack Marsh


10th Feb 2023 10:22

For all of its successes and failures, Call of Duty's recent experimental DMZ mode has done significant building work to the extraction shooter genre, adding to the foundations laid by Escape From Tarkov

The tactical genre involves waves of gameplay where survival is as key as progress is, making sure your life is protected while you undertake missions to improve your portfolio of contraband and black market items.

Now, PUBG Corp has been watching the trials and tribulations of DMZ closely and is planning its own entry in the space.

PUBG Studios Is Developing A DMZ-Like Extraction Mode

According to a new financial report from Krafton, the PUBG Studios are actively working on an extraction shooter that will rival both DMZ and Tarkov (thanks, The Loadout).

"We can confirm that an extraction shooter under the title of Project BlackBudget is currently in development at PUBG Studios," reads the report.

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The developers say Project BlackBudget was an upcoming PvPvE looter shooter game that will be part of the PUBG franchise, but didn't specify that it would be an extraction-based game.

PUBG's New Extraction Game Will 'popularise the extraction shooter genre'

Krafton's expectations for the mode are already high, claiming they are "Challenging ourselves to popularize the extraction shooter genre," by working on "satisfying gunplay that delivers unpredictable and exciting experiences."

From this, we can expect the mode to stick with Tarkov and DMZ stylistics, with players aiming to extract looted goodies.

Later in the report, Krafton predicted a rough 2024 or 2025 release for Project BlackBudget, which will also come around the same time as their Project GoldRush action-adventure sandbox mode and Project Windless, another unannounced Krafton game based on the Korean mythology novel "The Bird That Drinks Tears" from Lee Yeongdo.

The mode is expected to be released on console, PC, and mobile, although it's not sure whether the mobile port will be launching alongside the console and PC variants, or held back like the battle royale was.

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