PUBG And Dead By Daylight Crossover Is One Of The Weirdest Yet

PUBG And Dead By Daylight Crossover Is One Of The Weirdest Yet
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Joseph Kime


6th Oct 2022 11:31

Say what you will about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the current battle royale landscape, but damn, does it know how to do a crossover. Godzilla, Spider-Man, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and even BLACKPINK have made it into the hyper-realistic BR title with a surprisingly slick way of introducing them to the existing world.

And now, as crossover season approaches (that's gamer talk for Halloween), fans have been wondering what PUBG has planned. The next big crossover event has been revealed for this spooky season, and we've got to admit, it's kinda perfect.

What Is The PUBG And Dead By Daylight Crossover?

Dead by Daylight Killers
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The new Halloween crossover for PUBG has practically transformed it into a new game entirely, as it comes together with Dead by Daylight to offer players new cosmetics to collect and game modes to play.

From October 21 to November 7, fans are going to be able to access a limited-time event that throws them into a rebuilt version of the Dead By Daylight formula as redesigned in PUBG's engine. There are three survivors, hoping to escape the clutches of one killer.

The goal of these hapless final girls and guys is to try to repair generators and open the exit gate. This has become the staple of Dead By Daylight, meaning PUBG has practically copied it for its crossover. Weird, but it makes sense.


Is PUBG's Dead By Daylight Secret Genius?

It's certainly a wacky way to look at a crossover, but to present players with what is basically just the gameplay of Dead by Daylight is actually a great form of marketing for the horror game. There are four full costumes, four masks, three backpack skins, a new pan skin, and a nameplate. Sadly, they're all up for purchase rather than earned through gameplay - classic money-making tactics. 

This crossover is probably benefitting Dead by Daylight much more than PUBG, but then again, there's no better way to advertise the game than by basically giving them a demo in an engine that payers are already familiar with. It's a bizarre choice, but who knows - this idea could become commonplace in the gaming industry eventually. If the entire industry loses its collective mind.

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