New PUBG Apparently Getting Unreal Engine 5 Makeover

New PUBG Apparently Getting Unreal Engine 5 Makeover
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24th Sep 2021 16:54

PUBG at this rate is the battle royale title for the OG fans of the genre. While many players have now jumped ship for the likes of Fortnite or Apex Legends, PUBG has kept a core fanbase that remains dedicated to the more realistic side of the genre.

The game’s refined details are what bring them back time and time again, and as a new PUBG title has been rumoured for some time, fans are excited to get even more of it.

This new game could change a lot about the game’s fundamentals, though - and it looks like I'll be starting with its engine.

New PUBG Game Could Move To Unreal Engine 5

Rumours have begun to swirl online that PUBG’s next title could be making the move to UE5 after countless complaints of the game’s performance problems on even high-end PC hardware.

Various leaks have suggested that the new addition to PlayerUnknown’s mythos could be coming to the new engine, along with the fact that PUBG Amsterdam is recruiting for a new “AAA Unreal Engine 5 Unannounced Project”.

Though a new game has been expected for a while now, there’s no confirmation that this is a direct follow-up to the original battle royale, nor even an upgrade to the game. But, it’s curious that the studio known only for battle royale titles are hiring for developers in Unreal Engine 5 if they weren’t intending on putting them to use.

What Happened to PUBG 2?

There is no confirmation that this game is set to be a full sequel, but once upon a time, a second PUBG was in the world. The mysteriously titled PUBG Project RE:BORN, despite sounding like an anime movie, was speculated to be a full sequel to the original game, but was sadly scrapped due to development issues. However, it’s not all doom and gloom - as many expect that some of the features that were set to come to the game will be rolled into the original title instead, meaning that we’ll get some sequel-grade content without having to shell out too much for the pleasure.

Whatever this new PUBG adventure is, we've got high hopes.



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