PUBG Is Reportedly Getting An Animated Adaptation

PUBG Is Reportedly Getting An Animated Adaptation
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21st Jul 2021 09:39

Netflix is extending its reach into the world of video games, with yet another animated series on the way. Following in the footsteps of CastlevaniaResident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and the upcoming Far Cry series titled Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon RemixPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is next on the docket.

Since its release in 2017, PUBG has dominated the esports world and become the defining title in the highly-contested battle royale scene. While we know an official sequel based on realism is on the way with PUBG 2, the announcement of a PUBG animation is an out-there reveal no one expected.

What is the PUBG animated adaptation?

The announcement of a PUBG animated series comes courtesy of South Korean holding company Krafton. While PUBG Corp is known for developing the core game, Krafton has helped expand the PUBG name into other industries. Only last year, Krafton released a series of live-action PUBG documentaries starring Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes. Now, the company is making a move into animation.

Importantly, the project has nabbed Adi Shankar. Shankar is best-known for his work as an Executive Producer on Liam Neeson-led The Grey and 2011's cult Dredd. However, Shankar is no stranger to this kind of outing, and is also remembered as the showrunner of Netflix's Castlevania series.

Discussing the PUBG animated adaptation, Shankar said in a statement, "As a player, I've been crushing the competition in the Battlegrounds since PUBG released in 2017. I’m grateful to Krafton for the trust and confidence they’ve placed in me to execute my vision as a filmmaker, and I’m excited to embark on this journey together".

Shankar went on to explain the importance of video games and television merging together as he added, "To me, this animated project represents another step in the evolution of mending the torched bridge between the games industry and Hollywood. I look forward to revealing to everybody what winning a chicken dinner looks like".

What will the PUBG animated adaptation be about?

Neither side is willing to give away much yet, but a PUBG animated series might seem like an odd choice considering it's not exactly known for its lore. Then again, if Netflix can make a series based on a Far Cry 3 expansion, anything is possible. That being said, it would surely be easier to adapt something with the rich character development of Fortnite or Apex Legends into a Netflix series?

It seems everything is getting an animated adaptation these days. Alongside Tomb Raider's Lara Croft having an anime makeover, Shenmue is undergoing the same treatment, and Dota already had an anime. All of this is before we get to Netflix's continued success with The Witcher and the idea that Netflix is moving into offering video games as part of your subscription.

Aside from Frakes expanding PUBG's lore, there was the recent live-action short from Krafton that was called Ground Zero and tied into the new Taego map. Basically, an animated PUBG series is a well-timed marketing move that could tie into PUBG 2 and help the game get a jump on the competition.


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