Let the mayhem begin!

13:00, 24 Jan 2020

Rejoice, my battle royaling friends, for Patch 6.1 has hit PUBG. With it comes the games' next Survivor's Pass season, numero six to be exact. That is, if you are a PC player, as console-based fans will have to wait a little longer until January 30th.

Of course there's a trailer for the occasion. 

The new season has 400 missions for you to explore and comes with a ton of weapons and equipment to acquire. You can find more details on PUBG’s Survivor Pass website. The season will run for 12 weeks total, which means you’ll have until April to explore it all.

PUBG Season 6 dates:

  • PC: January 22, 2020 ~ April 14, 2020 (18:00 PM PST)
  • Console: January 30, 2020 ~ April 21, 2020 (02:00 AM PST)

Besides the Survivor Pass, titled "Shakedown", the update brings new map Karakin to live servers. With its destructible environments, this addition promises to shake up the game as well. All this does mean that Vikendi is currently out of the public match rotation, although it will still be available in customs. In response to player feedback, PUBG Corporation has also upped the drop rates of some items on the new map.

Skin contest winners announced

Additionally, the company has announced the winners of its PUBG 3rd anniversary skin contest. It appears voters did not agree with our own favorites, instead looking for slightly more extravagant additions to the game instead:

PUBG Skin Contest Winner
Bright is going to be all the rage in 2020

You can find a full breakdown of the vote here.

The winning designers will receive some PUBG goodies and a special trophy, while their handiwork will be available in the game for free come March 23rd. A hundred random voters can also look forward to merch drop coming their way.

Now let's get out there and create some chaos!

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