PUBG community votes on new anniversary skins

08:45, 14 Jan 2020

PUBG Corp. has revealed the finalists for its PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds 3rd Anniversary Skin Contest. Originally announced in December, this out-of-game competition asked players to submit skin designs for several of its in-game items.

Specifically, the M416, a hoodie and a parachute were available for make-over, using templates provided by the company. The skin designs were then shared on social media, with the game's developers picking their favorites from the submissions.

They have done so, with fifteen finalists being published on the company’s site. All of these will receive an unspecified special gift. More importantly, community voting will now decide which of these will end up inside the game!

The PUBG skin design finalists

Looking at the designs, it’s clear a lot of work has gone into them. Personally, I'm particularly taken with the M416 designs. A quick show of hands around the GGIntel offices revealed a particular fondness for the CLOVER design, but I could see most of these work.


The hoodies bring some color to the competition, with orange specifically being all the rage. For us, the MAGIC FACE hoodie carries just the right amount of sass for ruining someone's chicken dinner with.

Magic Face PUBG

Parachute-wise, there are several clean, white-plus-graphic submissions that wouldn't look bad in-game either. If you were going for a statement, Necro4's Lucky Anniversary design seems like a good way to start your game as well. For a slightly more traditional take, we prefer FLUCK's for the win, however.

Parachute PUBG

What do you think? Do you agree with our choices or do you feel we've completely gone off the map? Be sure to not just tell us, but to also vote for your favorites on the PUBG site. Voting is open until January 20th, with the winners being announced the next day. The final skins are planned for release on March 23.


Image via PUBG Corp. 

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