PUBG 2 And PUBG Mobile 2.0 Is Apparently In Development

PUBG 2 And PUBG Mobile 2.0 Is Apparently In Development

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Jack Marsh


6th Jan 2021 14:40

PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been one of the most successful battle royale games to be released, revolving around a sense of realism which competitors such as Fortnite and Apex Legends had swayed away from. 

Recently, PUBG has been throwing their eggs into the mobile basket, pioneering mobile esports, but the developers have been holding aces up their sleeves for months.

According to PlayerIGN, PUBG has confirmed that they are working on PUBG 2, and PUBG Mobile 2.0, with a global announcement set for later this month. The renowned leaker posted that a secret "ProjectXTRM" which was being undertaken by Tencent (PUBG Mobile Developers) was in fact a ruse after stating the game will be called "Krafton Bag Mobile 2".

Now, he has revealed that the game will be PUBG 2, with Tencent hoping a second instalment will "look to see if it will succeed in discovering growth engines with its internal development capabilities without borrowing the hands of a leading overseas studio".

So what else do we know about PUBG 2?

PUBG 2 Release Date

As of yet, there is no release date, as the game has yet to be globally announced. However, said announcement is expected to take place around January 24. PUBG Liquipedia personality "Subzidite2" has set the last week of January to be the reveal date, although if we don't see it by then he predicts that the developers will hold off until March 28 to coincide with the final week of the PUBG Global Invitation.

Will PUBG 2 Be Crossplay?

PUBG 2 is set to take crossplay to a new level which could have huge ramifications for the esports scene. The game could see PC, consoles, and mobile combine in one huge battleground.

PlayerIGN states that "I should also point out it's gonna be PC and Console cross-platform. And based on what I looked into XTRM, it should be PC, Console, and Mobile cross-platform."


As for more details, the reveal didn't give too much away but expect more leaks before the end of the month. 


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Image via PUBG Studios

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