The PlayStation 5 isn't even out yet, but you can already buy interchangeable faceplates for the PS5 as we head into the next generation of consoles.

16:54, 23 Oct 2020

As the embargos slowly start to lift and the PlayStation 5 is revealed to the world, Sony's next-gen console is preparing to make a major mark on the gaming world. Hoping to be the next PlayStation 2 rather than PlayStation Vita, the PS5 ushers in a new era as the acclaimed PlayStation 4 is making its final stand. While there's been a lot of focus on what games will be coming to the PS5, it's important to remember the hardware is arguably more important than the software.

Most of us might be preparing to try on our best spandex for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but for others, we want our PS5 to look just as good as the games we'll be playing on it. One of the earliest leaked features we heard about was the ability to customise with interchangeable faceplates. When the PS5 was first revealed, it was panned by some who dubbed it a giant wi-fi router. 

Even though Sony has remained tight-lipped about how you'll be able to customise, one third-party seller has already started listing faceplates, meaning you'll be able to switch up the look of your PS5. Batman will be happy, because yes, it does come in black.


PS5 Faceplate

A website for PlateStation 5 is now live and selling the accessory in a variety of different options. If you want your PS5 to be as vibrant as you, PlateStation 5 is currently selling Matte Black, Cherry Red, Chromatic, Indigo Blue, and Jungle Camo. The site warns that Matte Black is a limited product, so if that tickles your fancy, you'd better buy it while you can. 

The site has the mantra of "Custom has no limits" and you're encouraged to sign up for pre-orders. The site ships worldwide and plates are listed at £32/$39.99. PlateStation 5 hopes to ship orders within two weeks of the PS5's official release on November 12. Be warned though, it doesn't look like PlateSartation has tested on any actual PS5s. Posting on Twitter, PlateStation wrote, "Prior to shipping we will be completing tests on the PS5 to ensure it fits perfectly".

It's easy to forget that appearances are everything for some. It's not just high-end specs that make us part with our cash for a console - the way it looks is also key. Thankfully, the idea of interchangeable faceplates should shoo some of those criticisms about the PS5's look. 


Back in the day, the PS4 was released in colour options of Jet Black, Glacier White, Gold, and Silver, but the idea of swapping a faceplate makes a lot more sense in terms of ease. Bored of a colour or fancy a bit of a change? Simply pop the plates off and put one some new ones. One thing's for sure, your PS5 is going to look hells snazzy after you've pimped it up.



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Images via Sony

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