Pokemon Legends: Arceus Might Remove Abilities, Breeding, And Held Items

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Might Remove Abilities, Breeding, And Held Items
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Tom Chapman


3rd Jan 2022 14:25

It's out with the old, in with the even older, as fresh leaks surrounding Pokemon Legends: Arceus have emerged online. While there's plenty of hype surrounding the new-gen game, the latest reveal might have you wishing for Pokemon Gold and Silver

Pokefever has gripped us all, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pocket Monsters in 2021, we had a plethora of games and announcements. Now, the upcoming release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus as the franchise's first open-world (well, not quite) entry should have you pumped. 

What's The Latest Pokemon Legends: Arceus Leak?

Over on Twitter, @Riddler_Khu shared a plethora of Arceus leaks. They have since made their account private, which has led to the information being summarised on Reddit. Here, the TLDR explains a number of big reveals - including the fact you won't be able to catch the mythical Arceus until you've completed your Hisui Pokedex.

The big takeaway is that Pokemon abilities, letting them hold items during battle, AND breeding are all being shown the door. We're warned, "all legendary Pokémon battles are boss battles," which "will be hard for people who aren't used to action games."

As for breeding, it's been an integral part of the franchise since the early days. Added to this, it's been a popular way to acquire Shiny Pokemon. Long-time fans have already shared their dismay that so many legacy features could be shown the door. 

Is Losing Breeding A Big Deal?

From Gen II onward, breeding has worked by putting two compatible Pokemon in Day Care together and reaping the rewards when one of them lays an egg. Then again, let's remember that recent entries like Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu swapped out the item ability - proving that devs aren't against tweaking the formula.

It's also important to note Arceus' place at the start of the series' chronology means the likes of breeding, items, and abilities might not have been implemented to a trainer's vocab. We've already seen steam-powered Pokeballs to remind us this is long before Ash stepped out of Pallet Town. 

It's possible all of the above is an elaborate fake, though. The fact the original source has gone private could work for or against the legitimacy of these reveals.

All too often in the industry, we see someone make up a bunch of believable facts simple for the clout. With Arceus' release just around the corner, it's not like you've got long to wait. Either way, those randy Mon might not be getting busy between the sheets.


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