Hidden Pokemon Legends: Arceus Room Could Tease Upcoming DLC

Hidden Pokemon Legends: Arceus Room Could Tease Upcoming DLC
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14th Feb 2022 10:13

By now, we're sure you're well on the way to mastering the Hisui region and being the very best (like no one ever was) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Delivering us a blast from the past, Game Freak has taken us to Feudal Sinnoh for a truly new-gen Pokemon game.

With your playable character being either Rei or Akari depending on your gender, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has you ripped through the space-time continuum and plonked in the past as a member of Galaxy Team's Survey Corps. Pokemon games usually wake you up in the main character's bedroom, but here Arceus doesn't let us explore the present day... or does it?

What Is The Secret Pokemon Legends: Arceus Room?

As uncovered by DeepGameResearch, there's a hidden bedroom lurking in the back of the game files. A video of Rei/Akari's bedroom was then shared by Faz Faz - confirming we haven't seen it before. More than just some unfinished space, it looks like a fully-formed area that even includes a Let's Go-themed Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, nothing in the bedroom can be interacted with, teasing it might've not been as close as you'd think to actually being included in the finished game.

The general consensus is that it could form part of an upcoming DLC. Although the whole USP of Arceus was the fact it took place in the past, it might be an idea to take some of these ideas into the 21st century. Remembering that Sinnoh was featured in Diamond and Pearl, which was recently remastered for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there's a suggestion the room is part of a DLC that could unite the franchise favourites.

Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC out of bounds
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Loving this concept, one person wrote: "If they put us back in the regular Diamond & Pearl for the DLC. The bed could be your access point to the present or past."

Another mused: "Maybe they'll reuse it in the DLC. Waking up, thinking it was all just a long dream. But that's not the case. You realize soon enough that you still have the Arc Phone, which serves as a gateway between the eras. This is the future of Sinnoh, shining brilliantly in all its glory."

Are We Getting An Arceus DLC?

DeepGameResearch has gotten out of bounds on several occasions, suggesting there's much more Hisui to explore that hasn't been revealed yet. At the time of writing, there's no official confirmation that an Arceus DLC is on the way. Still, it's a rumour that we're hearing more about. 

Like any savvy developer, DLCs are a great way to lure players back. Even if we're still waiting for Resident Evil Village's mythical DLC, we've been here before with Pokemon is you cast your mind back to Pokemon Sword and Shield's DLC. All eyes are on the upcoming Pokemon Day, where some think an all-star Arceus DLC will be unveiled to the world. If this is the case, the secret room could be our first glimpse at what's to come.


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