Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Murdered By Buizel

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Murdered By Buizel
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Joseph Kime


24th Feb 2022 15:09

Pokemon, for a franchise directed at children, has some pretty spooky stuff going on under the surface. All it takes is a simple glance at the Pokedex to reveal that the lore of the many regions of Pokemon are doused with death, suffering, and a bleak reality that pits monsters against each other, through survival, spite, or the very pecking order of the food chain. It's quite sad, especially as they're all so cute - but every one of these lovely little buggers harbours dark secrets.

Except, in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, these dark secrets aren't secrets at all - especially as one player has been mobbed and murdered by a gang of Buizel.

Pokemon Legends Player Drowned By Buizel Gang

One player has discovered the brutality and mercilessness of even the cutest Pokemon, as a clip shared on Reddit shows them being drowned by a collection of angry Buizel.

The video, posted by kyngwzrd, shows the player going for an accidental dip, in a scenario that would usually result in the player being teleported out of the body of water they find themselves trapped in. However, this doesn't happen if the player is currently in combat, a detail that three Buizel sat on the riverbank take advantage of.

They sit on the sidelines attacking, leaving the player forced to remain in the water, eventually drowning and falling through the map as a result. Cruel.

But, according to the video's comments, this isn't a one-off, and players are getting drowned by all sorts of Pokemon.

Commenter Reports Being Drowned By Murkrow

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Murdered By Buizel
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One commenter, AlternateMew, has hinted that this isn't an activity exclusive to Buizel - in fact, they've been attacked by a Murkrow in a similar fashion.

"I had a similar thing with a Murkrow," they say. "Thing sliced me hard straight into the water while I was distracted with a Remoraid. My first and only death so far."


It's distressing to learn that Pokemon are fighting dirty now - but given the slavery and Pokemon-fighting rings that trainers have put them through for so long, it was only a matter of time. I, for one, welcome our new Buizel overlords.


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