Pokemon Legends: Arceus Makes Catching Cherrim Much Easier

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Makes Catching Cherrim Much Easier
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Tom Chapman


9th Feb 2022 11:37

How can we have such hatred for such an adorable little creature? Yes, Cherrim might be one of the cutest Pokemon in the ever-expanding Pokedex, but that hasn't stopped Pokemon Legends: Arceus players from wanting to squish that evasive Pocket Monster under their boots.

There's an impressive 242 'mon in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokedex, but like any good Pokemon game, it'll take more than just touring the Hisui region to catch 'em all. Crafty Sword and Shield trades for Shaymin and Darkrai are proving difficult enough, but it turns out Cherrim is screwing up our perfect game for a very different reason.

Why Are Arceus Players Struggling With Cherrim?

Cherrim Pokemon Legends: Arceus
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A lot of hate has been thrown Cherrim's way, due to how hard it is to catch. Some go as far as claiming Cherrim is more evasive than Alpha or Noble Pokemon, with others saying the catch rate of the Grass-type Pokemon must be bugged. Over on YouTube, the Viz YouTube channel shared an agonising video where Cherrim constantly escaped their clutches. 

This means that the once-loved Pokemon has effectively become Arceus' very own Jigglypuff, with players wanting to impale them on a pike. Chucking rocks at trees has become the norm, as Cherrim is also the focus of the "To Bloom or Not to Bloom" quest. Not particularly easy when you can't catch one. Don't worry though, your Cherrim chaos might be over.

Has Pokemon Legends: Arceus Fixed Cherrim?

Cherrim cynics rejoice, Game Freak has confirmed that a new patch has nabbed this fruity runaway. The version 1.02 patch fixes a catch rate bug that was making it impossible to catch Cherrim in the lower area of Lonely Spring. Remembering that @pory_leeks spent three hours trying to catch one to prove a point, it's good news that the Cherrim bug has been patched.


Across the board, the patch has fixed a number of minor issues - like the game freezing when you tried to pick up a lost satchel by throwing a Pokemon at it. All of the above are relatively minor, and in the grand scheme of things, Arceus has been a largely bug-free experience. Well, apart from the Wurmples and Combees. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is selling great guns and shipped a whopping 6.5 million copies in its first week to become the fastest-selling Pokemon game on Switch. As the figures continue to climb, Arceus is already the second fastest-selling Switch game of all time - behind Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now that we've got Cherrim in our pockets, all is well in Hisui. 


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