Pokemon Legends: Arceus Players All Hate The Same NPC

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Players All Hate The Same NPC
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Tom Chapman


1st Feb 2022 13:35

By now, we sure you're padding out your Pokedex nicely and making the most of Feudal Sinnoh in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. We've gone back further than ever before, as Game Freak has delivered what's being held as the franchise's best in decades. Not everything is perfect though, and now, players have turned against a particular NPC.

If you thought Diamond and Pearl's Mindy was hated with her r/F**kMindy subreddit having 14,000 followers, it sounds like she's off the hook as the most-hated NPC in the franchise's 26-year history. That's right, Arceus managed to introduce an enemy more conniving than Galaxy Team.

With Mindy, she rightly gathered hate for making you spend hours trying to catch a Medicham and trade for her Haunter - the only problem is, she takes great glee in letting you know her Haunter can't evolve into Gengar. When it comes to Bagin, it's his "draconian taxation system" that has put a target on his back. 

Why Do Pokemon Legends: Arceus Fans Hate Bagin?

Despite his current hatred, Bagin has an important role in Arceus and is also a central figure of Jubilife Village. This seemingly unassuming NPC offers players a chance to expand their satchel. The problem is, it's not exactly cheap. Worse than this, you'll return to Bagin, only to find his prices have skyrocketed. 

Even though Bagin might start out cheap at around 100 currency, it soon climbs to thousands (and even millions). He only gives you one satchel space each time, but if you want to unlock all spaces, it'll cost a jaw-dropping 4,000,000 - the final upgrade cos a cool mil' on its own. The internet has exploded with Bagin hatred, and we're here for it. 

One critic wrote, "I thought Pokémon Arceus didn’t have a traditional 'rival' till I met Bagin," while another added, "Having played legends arceus for a couple of days I can officially declare Bagin is now officially my most hated NPC across all games." Someone on Reddit took this even further, with a post reading, "So Bagin from Legends Arceus...Is a greedy piece of sh*t and I hate him." Don't mince your words. 

Does Bagin Deserve All His Pokehate?

Worryingly, it's the way that Bagin lures you in. Making a deal with the Devil, you don't know you're being scammed until it's too late. Even sneakier, he tells you that adding slots to your satchel can mean the difference between life and death out there in Hisui. Is that a threat, sir?  

We're not here to promote hate for a fictional bunch of pixels, but we've got to be honest, we're inclined to agree with these angry gamers. From his penny-pinching ways to subtle death threats, Bagin is a cruel addition to the otherwise picturesque backdrop of Hisui. Some have dubbed Bagin their mortal enemy, and while he probably doesn't deserve to be diced like sushi by his own sword, he's still a bit of a b*stard.

Sadly, the Pokemon games aren't known for their updates, so it's not like Bagin will be patched to suddenly become more generous with his satchel expansion. Perhaps our only hope of redemption will be that rumoured Arceus DLC that could give Bagin A Christmas Carol-inspired change of heart. For now, he's counting his coins and chuckling away. 


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