Legends: Arceus Glitch Lets You Clone Shiny Pokemon

Legends: Arceus Glitch Lets You Clone Shiny Pokemon
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Joseph Kime


10th Feb 2022 15:04

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been incredible for everyone playing it, from players who have picked up every Pokemon game since their youth, or those coming back to it from a long time away from the franchise.

It's certainly nice to see that the game is bringing old fans back into the world of Pokemon, as for many, this is the game that we've been wanting ever since booting up Red and Blue on our Game Boys all those years ago.

Naturally, though, there are some bugs that have slipped through the cracks, and for the time being, are being exploited to high heaven. It's no wonder - as the new glitch is allowing players to clone their shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Is Letting Players Clone Their Pokemon

Players in Pokemon Legends: Arceus have already found an incredibly lucrative glitch that is allowing them to clone their Pokemon, even when they're a rare shiny variant.

The trick has been shared on Twitter by user Kqttling, who has discovered the glitch that could, theoretically, allow players to clone shiny Pokemon forever.

The video shows the glitch; that sees the player enter a cave, find a shiny Pokemon, catch it, and then wait around for the Pokemon to respawn anew. There are a few more specific steps that will help you to get there, but ultimately, you could simply repeat the glitch until you have a full party of exclusively shiny Pokemon.

It's an incredibly simple glitch, and one that we're not particularly surprised is being capitalised on.

What Are Shiny Pokemon?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Glitch Clone Shiny Pokemon
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For the uninitiated, a shiny Pokemon is a rare variant of pocket monster with a different colour. They've been present for some time in the series, with a ray of sparkles often signifying that the Pokemon before you is very rare, and it'll come with a fancy new colour scheme to boot.

They don't actually do anything, but then, shiny Pokemon are more of a flex than anything. If you want Pokemon to show off to your mates, then bagging a shiny is exactly the way to impress them.


After all, it's just become much easier to bag them with this glitch. Get into the caves and get it done before it gets patched!



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