PlayStation Showcase branded the ‘worst’ ever

PlayStation Showcase branded the ‘worst’ ever
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25th May 2023 10:32

This is what happens when you get your hopes up. While Sony promised big things with its May 2023 showcase, it's fair to say that some of the Blue Team have turned red after an hour of reveals and trailers. That's the problem though, many feel not much was revealed at all.

We'll admit that we weren't really buying the idea of a Bloodborne PC port or remake, but in terms of what's going on within Jim Ryan's camp, there were some major misses. Gamers probably got their hopes up too much, but now the credits have rolled, some have branded the PlayStation Showcase as the worst ever.

Critics call the PlayStation Showcase the worst ever

Jim Ryan himself was on-hand to walk us through the hour of trailers and teasers, and admittedly, it was refreshing not to have the usual annoying narration to link sections. It was a pretty succinct showcase that ended with 11 minutes of (long-awaited) gameplay for Insomniac's Spider-Man 2.

Over on Twitter, the PlayStation Showcase has been well and truly rinsed. one raged, "We waited 2 years for a showcase from PlayStation and this what you gave us nothing this junk was trash worst showcase ever." Another added, "That PlayStation showcase was the worst I’ve seen in years. Absolutely bored me to tears."

Someone gave it 3/10 and explained, "2 years worth of build up and you stuff it with cgi, multiplats, vr, and then no release date for your SOLE aaa release of the year???" Another grumbled, "There's always at least 1 game a year that gets revealed that I'm hyped for and well 0 this go around. Total snooze."

A fifth concluded, "The worst showcase in the history of PlayStation. Could have just given me the trailer for Spider-Man 2 and save me an hour of my life. Guess we'll see first-party in another 18 months from now."

Notably, there was a lack of PlayStation-exclusive titles. Where was the Wolverine trailer, what's Naughty Dog up to, and seriously, no Spider-Man 2 release date? There was also a lack of all things Death Stranding 2, as well as no reveal of the mysterious next game from Days Gone's Bend Studio.

Microsoft pokes fun at PlayStation Showcase

Perhaps the biggest burn isn't from gamers themselves but Sony's rival, Microsoft. Ripping open the old wounds of the console wars, the Green Team took to Twitter to take the wind out of Ryan's sails. Although the PS Showcase got to announce the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, Microsoft wants to remind you it's also on Xbox.

Although Final Fantasy XVI remains a major PS exclusive, the likes of Alan Wake 2Assassin's Creed Mirage, and even Bungie's new Marathon project will all land on both consoles - despite not featuring Xbox logos in their trailers.

Theorists think Sony was holding back due to uncertainty over the Activision Blizzard deal, but after a slew of undercooked games released on both PlayStation and Xbox, it's likely a case of the gaming giant letting things cook a little longer. Either way, imagine thinking GTA 6 would get shown as the PS Showcase.

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