Bloodborne PC port rumours intensify ahead of State of Play

Bloodborne PC port rumours intensify ahead of State of Play
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Tom Chapman


22nd May 2023 10:58

Much like Capcom's eventual reveal of the Resident Evil 4 remake or Rockstar Games announcing GTA 6 after years of rumours, we guess some form of Bloodborne remaster/remake is out there somewhere - the questions is, when will Sony ever reveal it? Could it be at State of Play this week?

In a case of "once bitten, twice shy," we've lowered our expectations on all things Bloodborne. Every couple of months, FromSoftware's gothic horror trends online, nothing is revealed, and we go back to our humdrum lives. Now though, there's genuine hope that at least a Bloodborne PC port could be on the way. 

A Bloodborne PC port did exist

Over on Twitter and ResetEra, dataminer Lance McDonald has unearthed screenshots that came via a FromSoftware Environment Artist. The filenames claim to be from a native Bloodborne PC build, proving that at least some point, someone at FromSoft was playing the 2015 title on PC.

Apparently, screenshots of Oil Urns on the game's Fandom wiki were submitted by FromSoftware's Macos Domenech and were taken from a PC build of Bloodborne. McDonald says that while most artists used the PC build, Marcos' screenshots are from a full retail version of the game running on PC. 

McDonald says he's previously seen Bloodborne running on Windows 7 in a private setting, but it was a "super early" build around May 2014. He goes on to say that the latest reveal is the first time we've ever seen the full game and DLC, however, concludes, "Still, not like we'll ever get our hands on it."

Will we see a Bloodborne PC port?

Bloodborne throne
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Sony has been making small steps into the realms of PC ports, with the likes of Days GoneGod of War, and The Last of Us all breaking the gaming giant's previous console exclusivity. While Sony Studios boss Herman Hulst has downplayed the idea of every PS exclusive getting a PC port, Bloodborne would be a whopper.

Throwing fuel on the fire, Jim Ryan told Famitsu, that although the PS5 is still a priority, the majority of Sony's games will release on PC, with "two to three years" after the console being the sweet spot. Bloodborne being eight means it's well overdue, and its rabid fan base is ready for more.

As Sony's upcoming showcase is over an hour long, we're expecting big things. The last one this big announced Insomniac's Wolverine game, Uncharted's PC port, and gave us some gameplay from God of War Ragnarok, so the bar is suitably high for the next one. Could Bloodborne be the cherry on top? 

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