Death Stranding 2 cast, trailers & platforms

Death Stranding 2 cast, trailers & platforms
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24th May 2023 11:50


Death Stranding 2 is the highly anticipated follow-up to the extreme walking simulator that took the world by storm back in 2019.

Initially released as a PlayStation exclusive, Death Stranding gave players the opportunity to rebuild a broken world one bridge at a time, and the sequel looks to expand on this even further with many of the same characters returning.

The game might not be for everyone - with much of your time spent just walking between various locations - but there are still so many players out there who are dying to see more of Sam Porter Bridges and explore more of the apocalyptic United States.

While there's no word on when we'll be able to play the sequel yet (suggesting it could be a while away), we've rounded up everything we do know so far including the cast, trailers, platforms, and more below.

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Who is in the Death Stranding 2 cast?

Key art of Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding 2
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While we don't know the full cast as of yet, and can only go off of what we have seen in the trailer, there are still some huge new and returning names that have been confirmed for Death Stranding 2 in the list below:

Actor Character
Norman Reedus Sam Porter Bridges
Léa Seydoux Fragile
Troy Baker Higgs Monaghan
Elle Fanning Unknown
Shioli Kutsuna Unknown
Kevin Ko Unknown

As you can see, a few of the main returning players have been confirmed alongside a handful of new faces that should bring further excitement to the game.

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the character that Elle Fanning is going to play, with many players inferring that she is the grown-up version of Lou - Sam's Bridge Baby from the first game - but that remains just speculation at this current point in time.

Are there any Death Stranding 2 trailers?

There is only one trailer for Death Stranding 2 so far that was shown at The Game Awards 2022. It is a mostly cinematic trailer, but that will be no surprise to fans of Kojima Productions games.

It largely focuses on Fragile, but shows glimpses of an older, grey-haired Sam and also the return of Higgs. There isn't too much we can take for this initial trailer, but the world appears to have been plunged into new dangers, and time seems to have advanced too.

Hopefully, we will be able to uncover some more information once further trailers are released, but if the first game is anything to go by then we might be just as clueless with more information as we are now.

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Do we know the Death Stranding 2 platforms?

Key art of Higgs holding a guitar in Death Stranding 2
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The only platform that has been confirmed so far for Death Stranding 2 is the PlayStation 5, and this could very well be the only platform that the game releases on - at least initially.

Death Stranding was a PlayStation 4 exclusive at launch that made its way to PC shortly after, and then Xbox eventually after that too. This could be the same for the sequel too, with a staggered release platform that sees only PlayStation players get the game at launch.

Furthermore, it is likely that it also remains a current-gen exclusive and doesn't make its way to the PlayStation 4 due to the graphical horsepower that the PlayStation 5 inhabits.

So, that's everything you need to know about Death Stranding 2, going over the cast, trailers, platforms, and more to keep you up to date.

We'll make sure to update this guide whenever any new information drops, too, so check back regularly to stay in the loop.

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