Days Gone 2 could finally be in the works

Days Gone 2 could finally be in the works
Bend Studio

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Tom Chapman


18th Apr 2023 15:08

Although our hopes of seeing Days Gone 2 have largely gone with the wind, Bend Studio has given a tantalising tease that Deacon St. John could jump on his motorbike once again.

Released in 2019, Days Gone was a divisive hit for the PlayStation 4 that failed to reach the survival horror highs of The Last of Us. As Bend pitched an unsuccessful sequel to Sony, most of us had given up on the idea of Days Gone 2

What's the Days Gone 2 tease?

Posting on Twitter, the official Bend Studio account shared a cryptic tease of a pen and notebook. Franchise fans took this to mean Days Gone 2 is revving its engine, however, don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.

At the time of writing, Bend hasn't confirmed what this means. While the team is clearly working on something new, connecting the dots to Days Gone 2 is more than a little leap. Still, the replies show how much some of you are desperate for a sequel. 

"Look at all the requests for days gone 2 give the ppl what they want," cheered one, while another added, "Days Gone is much better than Horizon, Forspoken, FF, TLoU or Returnal. Give us the second part." A third simply said, "Days Gone 2. Do I need to beg?"

 What happened to Days Gone 2?

Days Gone sequel Bend Studio
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It probably doesn't help when Game Director John Garvin goes on a massive rant claiming the game failed due to "woke" gamers. Garvin doubled down on his bizarre claims, leading to Bend standing behind consumers and distancing itself from him.

Most of the Days Gone team have moved onto pastures new, while its PC release in 2021 didn't exactly set the charts alight. During a live stream with God of War's David JaffeDays Gone Game Director David Ross confirmed the sequel would've included a "shared universe with co-op play" that was cut from the orignal.

Nearly 200k have signed a petition for Days Gone 2, and although the appetite is clearly there from fans, that doesn't mean Sony will bite. As we wait to see what Bend is working on, others are hoping we could get a Syphon Filter remake instead of Days Gone 2

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