Players Are Furious At MW2 Perk Buffs

Players Are Furious At MW2 Perk Buffs
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


26th Jan 2023 17:30

Sometimes, the Call of Duty community can't be satisfied. Sometimes they're like hungry hippos that will never stop opening their mouths to catch the marbles - no matter how many they've already swallowed. "Sometimes" is now.

The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer community has been shunned in the past, favouring the free-to-play Call of Duty modes like Warzone 2 and DMZ. But, Season 2 is trying to resurrect the entire franchise, including the core game.

However, even after listening to the community and buffing perks (yes, buffing to supposedly help players out), fans are furious.

Infinity Ward Reveal Perk Buffs For MW2 Season 2

Ahead of Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, Infinity Ward has detailed many changes that will be coming to the game to help it improve. One of these features is the adaptation of the perk category, where the timers of the unlockable perks have been vastly reduced.

In a recent blog post, Infinity Ward revealed, "For Season 2 we've updated the rate at which the bonus and the ultimate perks are earned (reduces bonus perk cost by 50% and ultimate by 25%).

"This adjustment will allow players to get Ghost earlier in matches which will better support players looking to engage more aggressively."

But, MW2 die-hards are less than impressed by this and have labelled it as an "L". Instead, they've called for timed perks to be scrapped immediately.

Furious MW2 Fans Claim Perk Buffs Are 'Disappointing'

"Infinity Ward has always been stubborn, they think they know best and refuse to listen to the community," said one fan.

Another added, "If I know 1 thing about IW is that they will never admit they are wrong and rather double down on their mistakes".

Players appear to be angry at having their calls for "timed perks to be removed entirely" falling on deaf ears, even if Infinity Ward has tried to rejig their new feature to their liking.

"Will they keep reducing the timer until we end up just starting with them?" quizzed another, who noticed that this is the second instance where the timers have been reduced.

Unfortunately, until red dots on the minimap come back, perks return to the standard un-timed status, and Dead Silence is removed from field upgrades and placed in its natural perky habitat, Modern Warfare 2 players won't be satisfied.

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