PC players are worried about GTA 6 launch platforms

PC players are worried about GTA 6 launch platforms
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Joseph Kime


13th Nov 2023 17:05

We have the info we need to go on. Rockstar Games has officially announced that the first trailer for the future of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is coming in less than a month. The excitement for the grand follow-up to GTA V has never been more palpable. You can taste it in the air.

Fans have been waiting for this moment for over a decade, so there's no shock that they're hooked on the hype train. But as the dust settles on the announcement, they're starting to get realistic. Although it's not a look that suits GTA fans, they have every reason to be concerned. Especially with so many players on PC.

PC players are worried about GTA 6

Though PC fans will consider themselves the champions of a non-existent war between consoles and PC players, it seems that many have accepted a sad fate despite their confidence - the chances of PC stockists offering GTA's next title on launch day are slim.

Expressing their concerns on Reddit, PC users are accepting that they're not likely to play the new game on the same day as those on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, depressed by the idea that they'll have to watch on as other players are having the time of their lives in the latest Rockstar blockbuster.

Thanks to whispers that the PC port of GTA 6 could be holding the game back, or that PC players will be hit with an even longer delay, it's a reasonable fear for fans to have. Still, there are others who are trying to remain optimistic.

Some PC players think GTA 6 is worth the wait

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Others have taken to Reddit to claim that even if PC players don't get to take the game for a spin on the first day, they expect the changes made to a PC port will make the wait worth it.

"I don't mind, because it usually means the PC version gets cool extra graphical features," says one comment. "I'm definitely gonna get a console to play it on release though, I'd say GTA is THE console-seller for PC users."

"Yeah def rather wait an extra year or two than play on a console," adds another. "No hate, all enjoy what you enjoy etc but I can't go back to console after years of high-end hardware and high fps monitors."

PC players may end up boxed out for a while, but the dedicated will remain that way until it eventually comes out on PC. Either way, if they're going to buy consoles just for GTA, Rockstar is winning.

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