Starting next week, viewers will get to see between 16-20 matches every weekend.

16:52, 17 Mar 2020

You won't get bored during the quarantine. The Overwatch League has updated its schedule on its website for the cancelled homestand matches in March and April. Starting next week, each weekend will have 16 to 20 matches to watch which translates to roughly a fulltime job of watching the action. All teams will be involved in the action with the Asian teams finally joining the fray.

The Overwatch League schedule for the end of March.

Asian teams will have to play three matches on consecutive days.

You can find the full schedule here. So far, only March and April's matches have been moved online with the mid-season break likely giving way for additional online matches. On first glance, teams will be experiencing unique challenges, with especially the Asian teams having to play matches three consecutive days. The Chinese teams have so far been unable to play any of their matches due to the outbreak of COVID-19 while teams like the New York Excelsior and the Philadelphia Fusion have already played six games. 


Image via Blizzard Entertainment. 


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