xQc Officially Changes His Name On Twitch

xQc Officially Changes His Name On Twitch
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Jack Marsh


20th May 2022 15:11

Felix "xQc" Lengyel has a lot to thank the Overwatch franchise for, giving him the platform to become a successful esports professional before going on to dominate Twitch. Having always tipped his hat towards the sci-fi shooter, he's now used his Twitch name to separate himself from his esports past.

xQc Removes Overwatch From Twitch Name

Nowadays, xQc is known simply by his three-letter alias, and scarcely will anyone add OW on the end when speaking out loud. However, ever since joining Twitch back in 2016, the Canadian content creator was known as "xQcOW", with the last two letters being a token to the game where he originally came from.

However, as Overwatch begins to take its last breath, xQc has moved on, and despite a sequel coming, he's now removed OW from his Twitch name.

Lengyel still has strong ties to Overwatch, and was almost the single-handed reason as to why the sequel broke Twitch viewership records during the Beta run, with xQc making game-breaking plays from the get-go.

What Does xQc's Name Change Mean For Him?

Well, ultimately the name change means precisely diddly-squat, apart from those who have the streamers' old tag bookmarked. Searching for the channel via URL now won't work with the OW added, although it won't take long to remove it.

In recent years, xQc has become a variety streamer, and in order to reach new audiences, maybe the omission of OW will make him appear well-rounded, rather than carrying around Overwatch like an anchor.

Most recently, xQc has followed in the footsteps of Tyler "Trainwrecks" Niknam by undergoing lengthy gambling streams, although he can also be found on popular games like VALORANT, Hades, and Clash Royale


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